By Jeffry Ghazally, 07 Apr 2021

The new checkout experience your staff and clients will love

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Even better Gift Vouchers 

We know gift vouchers are super important to our customers and their clients, so we’ve made a bunch of improvements to help improve the voucher experience. You can now easily add multiple gift vouchers to a single sale, sell vouchers at a discount, and even personalise the voucher’s name to suit the recipient!

Help guide:
Redeem gift vouchers & credit 

Make upselling a breeze

Upselling products is a great way to boost your revenue on top of your services, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you and your staff. Now, the client’s product history is shown automatically to help prompt upsell conversations, products are shown with images to avoid confusion, and they can now be bought in bulk or discounted as required 💰

I love the layout and simplicity of finding products! I’m a visual person so the pictures work for me rather than a list.

Desiree Carrigan

Handle complex transactions in one go

Say goodbye to those awkward multiple transactions to cover family appointments or group visits, because a single client can now pay for multiple bookings!

Help guide:
Combine multiple appointments in one sale 

Save draft sales for later

It’s now easy to create, park and revisit sales when you need to. This is great for creating quotes or splitting sales across team members, and it’ll help our customers manage sales more efficiently ⚡

Help guide:
Saving a draft sale

Having the outstanding amount for a client on the top of checkout is very good

Rob James

Watch to see how quickly you can upsell products and gift vouchers with our new client checkout:

TimelyFit: New checkout experience! from Timely on Vimeo.

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