Timely helps Haylee manage and grow her businesses like a boss

Haylee Benton has created 4 booming hair and beauty businesses in the UK, and Timely has been there every step of the way.

After the 14 day free Timely trial I was hooked. It's beautiful, easy to use and has all the features I need to run my businesses.

Haylee Benton

Owner, Cecily Day Spa, KOHA Clinic, Alchemy & I, Pamper Pad

From the corporate world to the beauty industry

With her passion for growing and mentoring businesses, Kiwi born entrepreneur Haylee now has over 8,000 hair and beauty businesses on her online marketplace, as well as a beauty salon, a skin clinic and a hair salon in the historic market town of Berkhamsted.

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

As a client about 4 years ago I was trying to find somewhere I could get trustworthy reviews on hair and beauty businesses, and I just couldn’t find anything, so I decided to build it myself! After that, I wanted to get into salon mentoring and coaching but I didn’t have the credentials, so I bought my first day spa about a year ago, followed by a hair salon and a skin clinic.

What do you love most about Timely?

The client experience Timely helps us provide is seamless and professional. Clients can easily book online whenever they like, and because we take 100% deposit when they book, clients come straight through the door and into the relaxation room. We look prepared and professional when we host our consultations using the Consult app on our iPads which automatically syncs to their client record in Timely, and afterwards clients leave relaxed knowing they don’t have to wait around to pay.

Why is Timely important to your business?

Timely helps me to be a better business person. The dashboards give me all the information I need, and it helps our staff to understand how they’re going, and which areas of the business we can improve. We make more money because Timely helps us to better understand our business as a whole.

Haylee’s Timely tips and tricks

Use online booking so your clients can book 24/7

Because it’s so easy for clients to book online through Timely, we’ve saved the time and cost of two receptionists just using online booking! That’s hours of phone calls and admin that Timely deals with for us.

Take online deposits to secure your bookings

We take a 100% deposit at the time of booking, which not only protects us from lost time and money due to no-shows, but it makes the client experience seamless and efficient. With online deposits we know our clients are serious about turning up, and that’s what’s really important to us.

Set up automated emails and SMS

As well as an appointment reminder email 24 hours before to reduce no-shows, we set up automatic emails to send to customers when there has been a change to their booking so our staff don’t have to contact customers individually. We also send a rebooking email and text, to remind people to book another appointment in.

Manage your business on the go with the Timely iOS app

We have an iPad in every treatment room, and we use the Timely app on all of them. The app allows all our staff access to Timely from anywhere in the salon, and they can easily see all their appointments, who has space available, check clients in or out, and rebook them on the spot.

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