Timely Security

At Timely we’re trusted by thousands of customers to keep their sensitive data safe and secure. We take multiple steps to ensure that no chances are taken when it comes to the information we hold.

trustmark Secure Browsing

When you use our app, we secure your session by enforcing HTTPS browsing. When you see this symbol in your browser, you know that the information you are sharing is secure.

trustmark Safer logins

We set strict password standards, and use authentication tools to protect your account from exploits such as brute force attacks.

trustmark The Cloud

With Timely, your data is not stored on your computer. If your PC, laptop or tablet gets lost or stolen, you don’t lose your data – it’s safely and securely stored online and backed up minute-by-minute.

trustmark 99.98% Availability

We are immensely proud to be able to say that Timely is available for you to use 99.98% of the time, meaning less interruptions for your business. We also have an on-call technical specialists who can respond to any critical app failures 24/7, and dedicated support and onboarding teams who can help out with any questions you may have during the working week.

trustmark Staff access controls

As an account owner you have the ability to assign different levels of access to staff that are allowed to login to your account. Your staff can see as much, or as little information as they need to do their jobs. Learn how to setup staff access.

trustmark Rock-solid infrastructure

Our servers are located at an enterprise-grade data center, protected by state-of-the art physical security, including 24 x 7 x 365 surveillance, environmental protections and extensive secure access policies.

trustmark Your Privacy

We do not access or share any data unless required to by law, or with your permission to help resolve system problems. If the Timely app fails for any reason, back-ups of the data our providers keep can be used to get you back up and running again. Read our full privacy policy for more information.

trustmark Security Testing

We’ve had independent security testing carried out by 3rd party security specialists to verify our systems and processes. We also regularly carry out in-house security maintenance, and re-check our processes so that you can rest assured your information is in safe hands.

trustmark GDPR Compliance

For customers in the European Union, Timely has taken additional steps to meet our obligations under the GDPR. Read more on this here.

trustmark Vulnerability Reporting

If you have identified any security concerns please send us an email at [email protected]. If you would like to communicate securely please use our PGP key.