Timely gives Kylie the freedom to do what she loves, everyday.

International award-winning hair stylists Kylie Hayes and Nelson Morrison created Moha; an intimate, vibrant hair boutique in a beautiful part of New Zealand.

The beauty of being with Timely is that I’m able to free up my time. It gives me the flexibility to be anywhere and everywhere.

Kylie Hayes

Owner, Moha

The making of a coveted boutique salon

Owning a salon and winning countless awards might seem like a lofty goal, but Kylie takes it all in her stride.

What made you realise hairdressing was your calling?

I’m an artist; I understand hair and how to make it work. I create beautiful colours, beautiful textures, and I chose hair to be my medium. I remember going to my first ever expo, looking through the gallery and thinking, “This is me. I want to be producing these images to inspire other people in the industry.

Why did you create Moha?

Once upon a time we had a huge 194m² loft-style salon. It was a big business and it got to the point where we had 12 people in one space. That’s a lot of personalities to manage. We wanted to take control and future proof ourselves, so made the decision to build Moha; a more bespoke, boutique presence hair salon.

How did you learn about Timely?

I was at my masseuse! She was making her appointments and I was like, “What is that?”, and she showed me. You can do it anywhere and everywhere, and she’s like “Yeah it’s brilliant”. She introduced me to Timely, we looked into it further and it was a no-brainer for us.

What do you love most about Timely?

Timely gives me the flexibility to be anywhere and everywhere, and log in. People always say to me, “How do you do all the things that you do?” When you have the systems in place that allow you to do that, you have the freedom, flexibility, and the time to be doing the other things that you love. For me, that’s being on the salon floor, doing competitions, and being with my family.

Kylie’s Timely tips and tricks

Use SMS and email appointment reminders

We send an appointment booking reminder email 48 hours before an appointment, as well as a text 24 hours before, which helps to save our staff from no-shows and reduces admin time confirming appointments.

Create a beautiful front counter

Your front counter is often the first thing a client will see when they walk in, so we’ve recently installed a sleek cash drawer and iPad. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s mobile, so we can take payments on the iPad from anywhere in the salon. If the front counter is busy, we’ll take payment from the chair for a smooth client experience!

Use online booking so your clients have 24/7 access

I love that my customers can book anytime they want, whenever suits them. With online booking, we can control which of our services and staff members are available and when, and we’re thinking of making Instagram booking available so prospective clients can book straight from our page!

Manage your business from anywhere with the Timely iOS app

The mobility of Timely is awesome. We use the Timely app on our phones to take appointments while we’re out and about, and can see and edit our calendar and make notes on customers or bookings. Our staff also use the app to see what appointments they have coming up for the day.

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