Appointment scheduling software for massage therapists

Timely appointment scheduling software helps you spend less time on your schedule and business admin, and more time doing what you love.

All your massage therapy appointments are easy to work with in the beautiful Calendar.

Sort out your schedule

Losing track of your schedule means standing around with unused appointment times, or even worse, a double booking. Take full control of your schedule, and never waste any of your valuable time again.

Timely helps you succeed in business

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

You'll love the calendar

Timely’s Calendar can handle all kinds of bookings, repeat bookings, multiple services and more. It's fast and easy to make and adjust appointments.

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

Go Mobile

Why stay chained to your desk? Timely lets you manage your business from anywhere, and online bookings mean your clients can book in even if you're not at your phone.

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

Automated Reminders

Put an end to no-shows with friendly automated SMS and email reminders. No more wasted time following up clients, or standing there with an empty table.

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“Timely saves me a lot of time communicating with clients.”

Rochelle Muir from Real Training & Massage

Rochelle Muir
Real Training & Massage

Before using Timely, Rochelle would text a client back and forth up to six times before settling on a suitable appointment time. Now she’s able to quickly send clients a calendar showing her availability.

Rochelle also loves Timely’s online booking feature. Not only has online booking brought new clients to her business, it's made booking an appointment more convenient for her existing clients. Read Rochelle's story.

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“Timely acts as my clinic receptionist... and learning how to use it was a piece of cake.”

Rachel Ah Kit from Bodyworks Massage Therapy

Rachel Ah Kit
Bodyworks Massage Therapy