‘Customers are our sun’ is one of Timely’s company values, and (not so) secretly it’s our favourite one in the design team! It's our goal to make Timely as easy as possible to use for our customers, and our design decisions are always made with you and your needs top of mind. 

Behind the scenes of Timely’s new sales flow

Over the years, Timely has grown from a simple booking app to a rich platform of tools for managing your business. Processing sales is one of the core features of Timely, but would you believe it started off simply as an invoice that you could email to your clients?! 🤯

Since then, we’ve added a tonne of awesome functionality onto the sales flow, but the foundation of this area has been largely unchanged. Because of that, the process of making a sale in Timely stood out to the design team as an area that could be hugely improved for the benefit of our customers, so we got stuck in!

Understanding our customers’ needs

The team spent some time understanding how sales were currently being processed – we talked to various customers, visited salons, and looked at lots of usage data.

Making it easier for our customers

Our research showed that some actions weren’t being shown at the right step in Timely compared to the natural flow of a sales transaction in real life – which basically means we weren’t making it easy enough for our customers! 

With the improvements we’ve made, you don’t need to remember to prompt your client if they have a gift voucher at an awkward point in your conversation, or go back into the app because you realise you should have made a selection on a previous step. As well as this, we saw that there was often confusion around how to continue or finish a sale, so now it’s really clear where the next step is, and what’s required to complete the sale 🥳

Checkout from any device

We know the sales process is often completed on a mobile device, so we made sure our new designs took into consideration all device sizes, and had larger touch points to make clicking the screen easier and more user friendly.

Easier to upsell

This improved sales flow will empower you with the information you need, at the right time. E.g. when you’re checking out a specific client, you can easily see what products they’ve purchased previously and make a suggestion about what else they could purchase to complement their existing products and the service they had.

Faster and more powerful

Because the new sales flow is faster and more powerful, you can now sell multiple gift vouchers, products, packages and appointments, all in a single sale and payment! 🤩

Enhanced end of appointment experience

Now when you wrap up an appointment, you can provide better product suggestions to your client, and then take payment at the chair or reception area. Not only that, you can create a cardless payment experience; once a client has a credit card saved in Timely Pay – payment can happen without the client having to use their card.

Coming soon: Express checkout – the ability to complete a sale in one tap, straight from the calendar! 

Switch back if you need to

We understand that a change like this can require some adjustment to your current workflows, so we’re excited to roll this out with the ability for you to try it out in your own time, and easily switch back to the old version if you need to. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know in Timely when we’re planning to remove the old version altogether.

Does product design float your boat?

Are you a product designer that gets excited by this kind of thing? We’re always keen to chat with great people looking for their next gig, please get in touch at [email protected] and let’s chat  – Amanda, Head of Product Design.