Timely helps Nicky manage and grow the thriving OFF & ON business

With a passion for hair raising situations and Timely by her side, Nicky pioneered a new era of beauty in New Zealand.

Timely is the central nervous system of our business. It helps us maximise our day and maximise our profitability.

Nicky Shore

Founder, OFF & ON

The making of an iconic beauty brand

Nicky Shore is the founder of OFF & ON, and the creator of the infamous ‘Brozilan’. With clinics across the nation, cutting edge technology, and an army of dedicated staff, Nicky has firmly cemented herself as the industry’s leading expert in taking it off and putting it on.

Why did you start OFF & ON?

I always wanted to create something from nothing and had a passion to do something different. I’m from a beauty marketing background so I already understood the power of brand, and I could see that there was huge opportunity around beauty services in NZ, particularly in specialisation and experience.

What makes OFF & ON different to its competitors?

Experience and specialisation – we’re the best at a few things, rather than being okay at everything. We pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable customer experience and have created a brand that people can relate to, and want to come back to.

What do you love most about Timely?

We have been there since the beginning of Timely’s journey and have both really grown together. This meant that we have been able to directly influence feature development, not just for the benefit of us and our customers, but for the industry. One of the synergies that we’ve really found with Timely is our philosophy on what really matters; delivering an exceptional client experience.

Why is Timely important to your business?

We often talk about Timely as being the frame, or the home of the business. It’s allowed us to scale our business but still feel like it’s got a heart and a pulse. One of the biggest things we really tried to do with this business was to take something that was mundane, and really turn it on its head so that it felt special, fun, and exciting. Timely helps us to do that.

Nicky’s Timely tips and tricks

Use reminder messages to reduce no-shows

Set up automatic reminder SMS messages to clients 24 to 48 hours before their appointment, saving your staff from no-shows and reducing admin time confirming appointments.

Manage your business on the go with the Timely iOS app

You don’t need to be at work to know what’s happening in your business. Log in to your account from wherever you are using the Timely iOS app on your iPad or iPhone.

Take advantage of a multi-location software

Being able to see all your branches in one place is still a massive advantage, making it easy to shift clients between branches and manage your staff and their availability.

Create a smooth front counter experience

Use Timely’s point of sale system so your staff can focus on the client experience. It’s easy to use, and the payment integrations make it easy for your staff to process payments.

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