Rejuvenate your business with Timely spa booking software

So much more than just beautiful spa software; Timely will help you manage your business, connect with your peers, and access exclusive education from global industry leaders.

Melt your stress away and get more time back

Focus on more of what you love while Timely’s innovative spa booking software manages your calendar and appointments for you.

Easy 24/7 online booking

With online booking from your Instagram, Facebook and website, your clients can discover your spa business and book anytime.

Stay in control of your appointments
Automatically allocate your resources
Make sure your clients turn up

Protect your business and your revenue

Timely spa software makes it easy to reduce no shows, take deposits and cancellation fees, and protect your revenue.

Secure your bookings with deposits

Reduce costly no-shows and cancellations by up to 60% by taking online deposits or full payment when clients book with TimelyPay.

Say goodbye to no-shows
Protect yourself from legal liability
Automate pre-care info and health checks

Help your salon business shine

Create a luxurious experience for your clients

 Loyal clients are your business’ superpower! Timely spa appointment booking software makes it easy to create strong connections and keep your clients coming back.

Create a premium payment experience

With TimelyPay you can take payment from a client’s stored card straight from the treatment room, or when you’re booking them in for their next appointment, so they can walk out of their appointment without a care in the world.

Reward your loyal clients
Personalise your client experience
Follow up with aftercare instructions

Awaken your brand’s potential with powerful marketing

The best spa booking software; Timely’s world-class marketing tools will help you boost your brand, credibility, and client growth and retention.

Super targeted SMS campaigns

With a 99% open rate and filters like date range, client status and past services, Timely’s SMS campaigns will boost your uptake of new spa services and promotions.

Attract new clients online
Automatically get more reviews
Remind your clients to rebook

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