Macquarie Medi Spa lives and breathes gift vouchers. Spa extraordinaire turned salon coach, Karla McDiarmid, firmly believes that it’s one of the best ways to grow your business. In fact, she sold over $100k worth of gift vouchers in December 2020 alone! 🤩

A beauty therapist since 1998, Karla took over Macquarie Medi Spa in 2001 when it was a small salon with only three staff, and grew it to the bustling business it is today. Inspired by her own success, she started ‘Secrets to Success by Karla’; coaching other salon and spa owners with tips & tricks for how to be more successful in life & business. We chatted to Karla to find out her top tips and advice on how to sell gift vouchers like a boss in 2021.

No matter what the time of year is, you should always be promoting gift vouchers. They’re the best way to gain new clients, and encourage them to spend more with you because they didn’t pay for the service!” Karla McDiarmid

Grow, you good thing, grow!

If you want to grow your clients and profit, gift vouchers are one of the easiest ways to go about it. But don’t just make a song and dance about them a few times a year (Christmas, Valentines & Mothers Day being salon favourites); to make vouchers successful you need to talk about them often, and make them obvious purchases in your salon.

Karla’s tip: Ask your staff to mention gift vouchers at checkout, e.g. “Do you have any friends with birthdays coming up? Our hot stone massage voucher is a great present!” 🎁

“Would you like to receive your own gift card? Does it look like a beautiful gift? Make sure your gift vouchers are easy and delightful to buy by creating inviting hotspots in your business with gift card displays.” Karla McDiarmid

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Make money while you catch some zzz’s

How good does that sound? By selling gift vouchers online; on your Instagram, Facebook, and website, you’re giving people a great last minute present option. You’re also able to make money on public holidays while you’re closed, which is a great bonus for your clients who have friends with birthdays that fall on the “only darn day of the year when all the shops are closed… grrr”. Thankfully, you’re open for business 🙌

“Make it super easy for your clients to buy last minute presents for friends and family by selling your gift vouchers on your website and social media!” Karla McDiarmid

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Sell gift vouchers online

Gift vouchers are easy gifts, so make it easy!

You can now add multiple vouchers to a single sale, making it easy for clients to purchase a bunch of presents for friends and family in one go. You can also sell vouchers at a discount, e.g. buy a $125 voucher for $100, which is the perfect way to entice your clients to buy them. Everyone loves a good deal!

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