Our world revolves around software, but when it comes to your in store client experience, great hardware is just as important! We spoke with our friend Natasha, owner of Natasha's Skin Spa in Melbourne, to find out why investing in great hardware like iPads is worth every single cent 💖

Natasha Smits has been in the beauty industry for almost 20 years and owned her own business for 10; the luxurious Natasha’s Skin Spa in upmarket Southbank, Melbourne. Natasha doesn’t cut corners when it comes to investing in her spa and client experience, and dreams of inspiring other salon and spa owners to elevate their spa, and the industry as a whole!

“Using iPads with Timely has enabled me to put the full system in each therapist’s hands. Not only is it a sleek and professional way for them to serve our clients, it’s also a great working experience for them.” – Natasha Smits

Everyone gets an iPad!

Remember that famous Oprah show where she gave everyone in her audience a car? Well, that’s exactly how Natasha feels about giving an iPad to each of her beauty therapists to use! Using the Timely app on the iPad, each therapist is independently able to keep track of their upcoming appointments and quickly update client notes, which is even easier with the voice to text notes dictation feature ⚡️

“The investment in iPad pros has saved us time, money, and increased our sales! Staff are much happier, and that’s something we should all be aiming for.” – Natasha Smits

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Show off your sleek front counter

The front desk is often one of the most un-aesthetically pleasing places in a salon, but we think they deserve to be beautiful too! After years of having a desk covered in countless POS hardware bits and bobs, Natasha wanted to have a professional, minimalist, and paperless front counter. Thanks to the sleek mPop and iPad point of sale combo, her dreams came true!

The mPop has transformed our front desk experience. It looks fresh, opens and closes smoothly, and fits in with any decor. Plus, with so much free space on our counter we now display feature products, which is promoting sales!” – Natasha Smits

What’s more, the mPop is integrated with Timely and has an inbuilt receipt printer, so you can print out clients’ ‘Rewards’ balances, keeping them up to date and motivated to be loyal and  reach their target spend. Don’t worry, the receipts it prints out are sleek and small, so your client isn’t going to be burdened with fitting a biblical scroll in their wallet! 🙌

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