By Catherine Strydom, 22 Nov 2021
By Catherine Strydom, 22 Nov 2021

Gift voucher improvements in time for the Holiday rush

Did you know voucher sales through Timely are 480% higher in December than in any other month? Online voucher sales not only provide a second stream of income over the busy holiday period, but they help you discover new clients and encourage clients to try new services and products. They’re a no brainer for any busy business and to help you prepare for the December rush we have two great releases for you.

New festive themed voucher template

You now have a fun festive gift voucher template available to setup in Timely! Themed vouchers help your clients get into the holiday spirit and feel more personal than a generic gift voucher. The holiday themed voucher can be setup in custom values, or you can allow clients to decide how much they’d like to load up.

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Helpdoc: Getting started with gift vouchers

New purchaser details when buying a voucher online

We’ve also cleaned up a key part of the experience for purchasers buying online. Many vouchers will be bought for someone close to them and they’ll want to sign them off from Mum, Dad or some other personal name between them and the recipient. The problem is that when the sale is logged in Timely you end up with clients called ‘Mum and Dad’ – not ideal! To solve this issue we now now ask for the purchasers name and the ‘from’ name separately, so they get to sign of personally, but you get to capture useful contact information. This update is live now for anyone using online gift vouchers.

Updates to purchaser details

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