Last year gift voucher popularity exploded as customers looked for convenient and contactless ways to spoil their loved ones. This year, gift voucher spend is going to be even bigger, with a projected 50% increase year on year! With Timely, you can get online gift vouchers set up in minutes, getting you ready for your biggest December EVER! 🥳

Make money in your sleep with online gift vouchers

Set up online gift vouchers with Timely in minutes 

Step 1: Set up online payments
To sell gift vouchers online, you need a way to take payments online. If you don’t yet have an online payment solution, you can set up TimelyPay in only a few minutes! Learn more about TimelyPay.

Set it up in Timely:
Set up > TimelyPay

Step 2: Set up gift vouchers
Once you’ve got your online payment set up, you can create online gift vouchers to suit your business. Like everything in Timely, you have complete control over the details.

Go to Set up then Gift Vouchers and then scroll down the page until you see ‘Fixed amount voucher’ and then click ‘New template’. From there you’ll be able to create a specific amount voucher or vouchers for specific services, such as a hot stone massage!


Set it up in Timely:
Setup > Gift vouchers

Help Guide:
How to create gift vouchers

“Make it super easy for your clients to buy last-minute presents for friends and family by selling your gift vouchers on your website and social media!”


Step 3: Add your gift voucher button for online sales
You can add the gift voucher button to your website and social media bios to make it super easy for people to find it and start buying your gift vouchers.

Set it up in Timely:
Setup > Booking buttons

Help Guide:
Create a gift voucher button

Step 4: Promote your gift vouchers like there’s no tomorrow
Let the world know you’re selling gift vouchers on your social media platforms, emails, and even SMS. All your clients need to do is choose which voucher they’d like to buy, enter their own details and the details of the lucky recipient, and pay! The voucher is emailed to either the gift giver or the gift receiver – whichever the client selects.

Send an SMS campaign
Make use of Timely’s fantastic marketing tools – such as SMS campaigns so that all of your clients know about your awesome Christmas gift vouchers. 

Help guide:
How to send an SMS campaign

Stuck with what to say? No worries, we’ve got some winning templates from our community to help you get started.

SMS template 1

Hi <first name>! Treat your loved one to a $200 voucher for the price of $175 from <insert business name here> this Christmas. Offer ends <insert expiry date> Buy online now <insert gift voucher URL>

SMS template 2

We have the perfect Xmas present for your loved ones at <insert business name>. Give the gift of pampering & ‘me time’ this year with our bespoke gift vouchers. Buy online now – URL

SMS template 3

<Business name here> is selling the perfect gift: The ‘Silly season skincare package’, purchasers get a 60 minute facial and a take-home pack of trial products. Buy now <gift voucher link here>

Get social
Let your followers and friends know you have gift vouchers available for purchase online easily through your social accounts. Create posts, stories and reels for your Facebook and Instagram accounts, we’d recommend at least one per week in the lead up to Christmas to help drive your sales.  We’ve created some free social media posts to help promote your gift vouchers! 

Gift vouchers social media posts

Don’t forget emails
Timely has a great integration with Mailchimp so you can send beautiful email campaigns to your customers letting them know about your gift vouchers. Email is a fantastic way to connect with your customer base, and we’ve collected some email templates from our community to help you get started.

Help guide:
Getting started with Mailchimp

Email template 1

Hi <first name>,

Give the gift of great skin this Xmas season with our Platinum skincare package. Not only will the recipient get a 90 minute  facial, they’ll get a starter pack of <product name> valued at <price> to enjoy at home! You can purchase this amazing package online now from <insert gift voucher URL> offer ends <expiry date>

Email template 2

Hi <first name>
Take the guesswork out of Christmas with a gift that will land you squarely on the nice list.
A gift voucher from <insert name here> is the perfect gift to show you care!
With loads of wonderful services to choose from, you’ll be getting them exactly what they want. Buy online now –URL

Email template 3

Hi <first name>
Avoid the crowded shops and long queues while supporting local business this Christmas with a gift voucher for your special someone.  Gift vouchers are great because they let your loved ones decide from a large range of services, they’ll be spoilt for choice!
Buy online now – URL