How to start using Timely

Timely's a breeze to set up and learn. The videos below will guide you through starting a trial, booking an appointment, and some other neat ways Timely can enhance your business.

Getting started

In this video we’ll help you set your business up in Timely. It just takes a few minutes on your laptop or desktop computer.

  • Start a trial
  • Add your business details
  • Take it for a whirl
Quick and easy setup

An important thing to remember about your Timely trial: the more stuff you do with it, the faster you’ll learn.

So, go ahead and put in lots of details when you’re filling out your business info! It’ll make your trial way more fun.

Other things to remember:

  • We won’t ask you for a credit card.
  • You aren’t locked into a contract.
  • There are no fees for set-up or support.

So, go have a play!

The Calendar

The Calendar is where your bookings live, so that's where you'll spend (and save!) a lot of your time. It's easy to add, move, or cancel appointments, and see what's coming up.

  • Make a booking
  • Client history
  • Invoice an appointment
Make a booking

This is probably what you’ll be doing most often, so we made it really simple.

Just click on the Calendar, type in the client’s name, select the service they’re coming in for, and click save.



Client history

You can also check out your client’s info from the Calendar. If it’s a returning client, just click their name and you’ll see their profile.

This is where you’ll find:

  • Payment history
  • Any no-shows
  • Allergies
  • Other preferences

No more relying on your (probably overworked) brain to remember everything about all your clients.

Invoice an appointment

Now that you’ve worked your magic in the appointment, it’s time for the money.

Invoicing your clients is quick and easy with Timely. Sell products, apply payments and run reports on your financials with a few clicks.

Booking options

How much time do you spend on the phone, trying to find appointment slots for your clients? What could you be doing if you had that time back?

  • Online bookings
  • Booking settings
Online bookings

Make things easier for you and your clients.

Your clients can check your available appointment slots and book in with you at their leisure. And you can stop worrying about catching the phone before it stops ringing.

Booking settings

Online booking requests will automatically update your calendar. All you have to do is log in and check it.

If you’d like, set your online bookings to pencilled-in. This lets you confirm or deny each booking request. Perfect for those of us who like to sweat the details!

No more no-shows

Step away from the admin. Automated client reminders, simple staff rostering, and accurate business reporting frees you to do more of what you love.

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Roster staff
  • Know the numbers
Reduce no-shows

With client reminders, no-shows become a worry of the past. Stop spending time texting, calling and emailing clients, and stop stressing about whether they’ll remember to show up. Timely’s got it covered.

Set and forget reminders mean that your clients will get an SMS or email before their appointment that’s personalised to sound like you. Friendly and effective!

Roster staff

Multiple staff members? Loads of different services? More than one location? No problem.

Timely makes it easy to roster your staff, check what each one has coming up, coordinate break times, and see how much each one is getting booked out.

Plus, you can adjust their access to your Timely account, so they’re only seeing what you want them to see.

Know the numbers

Get friendly with the numbers — without having to pull out your calculator.

Timely’s thorough reports can tell you what you want to know about how your business is doing:

  • Revenue
  • Bookable hours
  • Product sales

And loads more! Just check out the reports section to see what you can learn.

It’s all at your fingertips, stored safely in the cloud.