Ramp up your revenue with Laybuy and Timely

With Laybuy you get paid straight away, risk free, while your client pays over 6 weeks. Easy.


Laybuy has been proven to increase your average order value and grows your customer acquisition.


Laybuy pays all merchants up front seamlessly, automatically and quickly.


Laybuy assumes all non-payment and fraud risk for all payments.

Get Laybuy in your business

Timely and Laybuy work beautifully together to provide a seamless check-out experience for you and your clients. Once you’ve signed up to Timely, then set up Laybuy for your business. 

Clients can sign up to Laybuy at any time, including in-store.  To take a payment, simply select Laybuy as your payment option. 

Over the next six weeks, Laybuy organises the remaining five payments. You’ll see the money in your account and don’t need to chase anyone up.  Laybuy also manages any late payments and late payment fees.

About Laybuy

Laybuy is a fully integrated payment platform. You get paid upfront and Laybuy assumes all credit risk with your client from then on.

Customers complete their purchase using Laybuy as the payment method.

Laybuy settles payment into your nominated account up front, and the client pays Laybuy over six weeks.

Laybuy assumes all credit and fraud risk for every transaction.

Laybuy assumes all credit and fraud risk for every transaction.

About Timely

Timely is smart appointment booking software for salons. From booking to chair to follow-up, our software ensures every moment is seamless.

Create beautiful client experiences

Keep detailed notes and photos on their client appointment history and preferences, send them SMS follow up messages, and offer personalised discounts and gift vouchers

Save time for what you love

Timely gives you the time saving tools your business needs. Keep the clients coming back with automated appointment reminders, make bulk adjustments to stock, and let customers book online 24/7.

Run your business from our mobile app

Access your calendar, manage your appointments, record payments and take notes on clients and bookings – all from your phone.

Grow your business with smart tools

Timely removes the guesswork. Track sales, revenue, staff productivity, client retention and much more.

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