By Arina Kukovkina, 30 Oct 2023

We’ve made payouts even faster

You asked, we listened! We’re changing your TimelyPay payouts so you get faster access to the money you’ve made over the weekend. 


We know Monday is your salon admin day –  you’ve got bills and wages to pay, and you need the right amount of cash in the bank. So, we’ve taken that feedback onboard and your Saturday and Sunday earnings will now be paid into your bank on Monday, instead of Tuesday. Note: this only applies if you’re on a daily payout schedule, or a weekly schedule where you’ve selected Monday as your preferred pay out day.


This change has been updated automatically in your TimelyPay account on the 30 Oct, so there’s no action for you to take.


You can still choose whether to receive your funds daily, weekly, or monthly. You’re in full control.  These settings can also be adjusted at any time, by going to Setup > TimelyPay. Then click Edit to update your Payout schedule.


Find out more about TimelyPay payout options.