By Catherine Strydom, 02 Sep 2021
By Catherine Strydom, 02 Sep 2021

TimelyPay comes to Europe!

From today European users will be able to access everything that TimelyPay has to offer! Take a look at all the great features now available with TimelyPay!

Revenue Protection

Timely has two great options to help reduce your no shows by more than 60% and make sure your booked appointments turn into revenue! 🤩

Your clients secure their booking by paying for a portion of the total cost up front. Plus, because they’ve already paid for a chunk of their appointment before they arrive, they’re more likely to invest more on the day (hello, upsells)!

Cancellation fees
With this turned on, you can take a fee from a client’s saved card if they cancel without giving you enough notice (or don’t turn up at all).

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In Store payments

Take cardless payments straight from the chair with TimelyPay, and you’ll have a payment experience that’s as smooth as a Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayzee 😍

How it works
Any client with a card saved in Timely will automatically have it added as a payment type at checkout, so you can charge it with a quick tap – and without the client having to awkwardly fish around for their wallet when it’s time to pay. Smooooooth.

You can save clients’ cards for Cardless Checkout when you book them in instore or over the phone, and you can add saving a card to your online booking.

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Increase cashflow with online gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a fab revenue booster, an easy present, and a great way for your clients to introduce their friends and family to your business. With Timely, gift vouchers can be bought online, sent by email, or printed out and given in person. You can also customise them to suit your brand ✨

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