By Catherine Strydom, 07 Mar 2022
By Catherine Strydom, 07 Mar 2022

Timely x Shopify is here!

Selling retail products online is a great way to boost your business and keep money coming in, even when your doors are closed! We know online product sales might seem daunting, so we’ve joined forces with Shopify – the world’s leading E-commerce platform – to make selling your retail products online an absolute breeze.

The benefits of using Shopify with Timely

Set up your Shopify store in minutes by automatically adding your Timely stock
When you connect Timely and Shopify we’ll sync over your Timely stock and match it to any existing products or set up new products if you’re starting from scratch.

Easily manage your stock across both systems with automated syncing
When you sell products in-store or online your stock levels will automatically update across both systems.

Connect your online sales to Timely for complete reports and full client records
You can now report on your whole business in Timely with product sales from Shopify showing in your Timely reports. Client records will be complete with product sales being recorded against existing clients and new clients will be added to Timely when they purchase products online.

Access all of Shopify’s great ecommerce features
Shopify is the world leader in ecommerce with helpful features like

  • Beautiful premade store templates
  • Shipping calculator
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Product reviews
  • Social media integrations – FB and Instagram!

Get set up in just 5 Steps


Don’t worry about choosing a plan until you’re all set up and know what features you want to use. Start your free Shopify trial here.


We’ll do most of the hard work for you by automatically adding the products that you want to sell to your online store. It’s as easy as this:

  1. Enter your Shopify store details into Timely
  2. Match your locations
  3. Select which products you’d like to add to your store
  4. Click sync!


Shopify has lots of options for personalising and perfecting your store. They also have a great online course to help you get set up and selling products, and it takes about 90 minutes split into short, easy-to-follow videos.

In this course, you’ll learn how to set up:

  • Products – including descriptions and photography
  • Shipping costs and strategies
  • Payments
  • Policies
  • Website
  • Extra ‘apps’ to help your store!

If you’ve already signed up and synced your products, you can start the course here >

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect just yet, your store will keep evolving as it grows. It’s better to get it set up and start making money!

“Don’t be scared of setting up Shopify. Shopify walks you through it pretty much from start to finish. They give you tips when you first log in, they’ll give you a checklist of what you need to do to get yourself set up and live. Just go for it, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.” – Loxy’s


Before you can launch your store, you’ll need to confirm which Shopify plan you want. Shopify’s Basic plan should cover everything you need when you’re getting started, including:

  • Unlimited products
  • Selling on your own website or social media
  • 24/7 support
  • Customer messages
  • Plus more!

The Basic plan is $29USD a month, or add a ‘buy button’ to an existing site with the Shopify Lite plan at $9USD a month. Either way you’ll only need to sell a few products to cover the cost of your subscription.

“You pay for your time, it’s the convenience. It’s like an admin assistant, but it’s $30 a month instead of $30 an hour. That was essentially why I got Shopify initially, because it’s just literally having like a personal assistant kind of thing, a receptionist.” – Azalea Beauty

HelpdocConnect Timely with Shopify


Does everything sync over? Can I choose what products to sell?

It’s completely up to you which products you match and sync. After they are synced any sales in one system are automatically tracked in the other meaning you always have a complete view of whats going on in your business.

Why did you choose Shopify over other platforms or building it yourself?

We did a lot of research before we settled on an integration and Shopify was the clear winner. They have the biggest market share (so more Timely customers are already using it) and have been building and perfecting their eCommerce product for over 15 years! By partnering with Shopify, our customers get access to the very best features from day one.

Does the integration cost anything?

As a Timely customer you get access to the integration for free. You will need to subscribe to a Shopify plan in order to sell online, but with plans starting from $9USD a month, and most plans including website hosting, they’re very good value for money and can replace other webhosting bills you might have.