By Scott McDonald, 28 Nov 2023
By Scott McDonald, 28 Nov 2023

Consultation forms can now be sent at the time of booking, and via email

We’ve added more options for automatically sending your Timely Consult forms to clients before their appointments!

When you create a rule for automatically sending forms from your Consult library, you’ll now have the option to send the form at the point that they make the booking, with their appointment reminder, or both! Just choose your timing preferences and we’ll take care of the rest.  You also have the option to send forms via email, to help clients who don’t like filling out forms on their phone.

With more options to get your forms in front of clients, they’re more likely to fill them in without you needing to follow up. And because you have your client information when you need it, you can feel confident that clients are booked in for the right service. 

Here are a few ways you might like to use this update in your business:

  • Send a new client intake form when clients make a booking via email to speed up the appointment on the day
  • Send a form right after booking to ensure the client has booked in for the correct service before confirming the appointment
  • Save on your SMS usage, by sending forms over email

Read how to setup automated Consultations here

With this update, we’ve also included some other improvements to Consult including:
  • Appointment history will show when Consults are delivered, not delivered, and why e.g. Missing email address or mobile number.
  • We improved the layout of existing emails and SMS messages so it’s more obvious that clients need to complete their forms.
  • We alert clients to complete their form on the confirmation page when they make a booking online.
  • A duplicate form alert will display during automation rule setup, if you try to setup the same form that’s been used in another rule already.
  • We’ve made it more obvious during setup of Consult automations in Timely, where you have made it optional to collect email and SMS details from your clients online. We will warn you that your clients may not get Consult messages if it’s left this way allowing you to make a change is required to ensure forms get to them!