Deposits are great (unless you're talking animal kind) here's how to use them in Timely.

Leave a deposit with Timely

This means you can request deposits for online bookings rather than for the full amount. You can choose between two different ways to calculate deposits: percentage (e.g., 10%) or a fixed amount (e.g., $10). You can also have different deposit amounts for different types of appointments!

Here’s how to take advantage of this feature.

Enable deposits for online booking

In Timely head to Setup > Online bookings, then scroll down to the Online payments section.


Click the Accept online payments drop-down and choose your preferred deposit option from the two options (percentage or fixed amount).

The (percentage) option will calculate a percentage of the appointment total at the time of booking. So if you choose 10% and the total cost is $80 then your clients will need to pay $8 to complete the online booking. To add (percentage) deposits, select the third option and then add your chosen percentage in the relevant field. Click Save to complete the set up.


When using the fixed amount option, your clients will pay the same deposit amount regardless of how much the total cost of the appointment is. To set this up, choose the fourth option, add your amount in the field provided and click Save.

Set Deposits per Service

You can also have different deposit amounts or percentages for different services (e.g., 50% for eyelash extensions and 20% for waxing). To do this go to Setup > Services and click ‘Edit Service’, then scroll down until you see Online payments and choose the best option for your business.

Deposits are now ready to go!

What do your clients see?

Now that you’re ready to collect deposits, what will your clients see? Well, they’ll work through the booking process as usual but instead of full payment being requested, a deposit will. Remember with the percentage option, the deposit will be calculated at that time.

In the example below, the client will need to pay $8 to proceed with the appointment booking.


If your client is happy to pay the deposit then they are redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction. They’ll see the pop up to let them know they’re on their way to PayPal (more on payment gateways).

Once the payment of the deposit is completed successfully, the appointment is confirmed and a part-paid invoice is created on Timely. Later on when the client arrives for their appointment, you can apply a manual payment to the invoice so that the client pays the difference.

Remember part payments can be applied at this point too.

Typically deposits are required to confirm an appointment booking. But in Timely’s flexible way, we have left the deferred option available so that clients’ can still book an appointment without having to pay the deposit. This decision to defer is entirely in your hands.

If you’d like to give your clients the option to pay later or pay online, follow these steps, go to ‘Setup > Online bookings’ then tick Provide a ‘Pay later’ option.

So there you go, have fun with Timely deposits (and hopefully you can avoid the other kind).