Timely is more than just appointment booking software; we have all the tools to run your business including a suite of world-class marketing tools that will help to grow your business and provide an exceptional client experience.

Timely’s powerful marketing tools now include targeted SMS campaigns

“Timely has been central to our success building a respected brand and growing our business from a single store to six locations. The platform, and it’s friendly team is the central nervous system of our business, helping us maximise our day and profitability.”– Nikki Shore, Off and On

New targeted SMS campaigns to boost your bookings

Providing an exceptional client experience is at the heart of why you run your own business. Your clients love the service you deliver, but they’re busy people and often forget to rebook. With targeted SMS campaigns, it’s now easier to reach clients and entice them back through your door.

SMS campaigns allow you to send a message to a specific and relevant audience, so your clients aren’t spammed with irrelevant messages and you’re not paying for messages that won’t provide a return. SMS campaigns are a relatively cheap and easy way to drive sales, improve brand awareness, generate new clients and remind clients of special events. This could be a small group of just your regulars, determined by service type, staff member or date they last visited, or a larger group like your entire client base.

Head here to check out some templates to help get you started with SMS campaigns.


Attract new business with these budget-friendly tools

With 99% of the population having a smartphone, and with 360million people on Facebook, it’s crucial you have business social media accounts. A business Facebook & Instagram account allows clients to book directly from your posts at any time of the day or night. With your clients’ permission, take before and after photos and share on social media, and ask them to share too!

It can seem pretty overwhelming if you’re new to social media, so if you’re not sure what or how to share, check out this helpful blog.

SMS campaigns in Timely

Keep your clients coming back

“Timely’s automated messaging capability is great. We send a client reminder text 24 hours before an appointment and if they haven’t already rebooked, a 6-week rebooking reminder.”– Shaun, The Hair Boutique

Automated marketing takes the stress out of growing your business. Save admin time, get your business fully booked and provide a great client experience with easy-to-use automated marketing.

In Timely you have access to SMS and email for automated marketing. We recommend you set up these three automated messages to help retain your clients:

Review requests – spread the word of how wonderful the service you deliver is

46% of potential clients check out online reviews before booking, so it’s important you remind clients to review the service you’ve just delivered. Having reviews on your site helps to convince new clients to book, as well as improving brand awareness, credibility and SEO search rankings. Timely offers flexible options so you can get reviews from your preferred channels, i.e. Facebook, Google, and Yelp – just add the link to your message and watch your brand grow.

Thank you messages – the cherry on top of your amazing service

In the fast-paced world we now live in, it’s easy to just move onto the next client or job on your to-do list without stopping to appreciate the small things. A thank you message is a simple and sweet way to remind clients of the wonderful experience they received with you. Make your thank you messages short and sweet (SMS is the perfect channel for this).

Thank you SMS messages with Timely

Re-booking message – an easy way to retain clients

Automatically reconnect and entice clients you’ve not seen or heard from in a while. Sending them a message lets your client know you care and want to see them again. Almost everyone has a smartphone, so an SMS that buzzes in your client’s pocket is sure to grab their attention. You can increase the chances of a rebooking by including a sweetener like 10% off if they rebook, or throw in a nice add-on to get them rushing back through the door. Everyone loves free stuff!

Learn more about setting up automated marketing in your business.

Regular engaging newsletters – build awareness of other services you offer

Use our email marketing tool, MailChimp to send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your clients. This is a great way to inform them about specials that are on or coming up, educate them on new services to your business and they’re also a great tool for building long-lasting relationships.

Google Tag Manager integration with Timely

Understanding your marketing campaign performance

Google analytics

Use Google Analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ behaviour when on your website and online booking. Linking Google Analytics with Timely makes it easy to track how many people start the online booking process, how many people complete it and at what stage they’re dropping off, including if you have payments enabled, how many abandoned at that payments process or the payment failed on them.

Google Tag Manager

If you’re investing in online marketing, Google Tag Manager can help you gain insight into your campaigns. With Google Tag Manager you can track the client’s behaviour from your campaign through to the appointment booking, providing you with key insights into what marketing works best and where you should spend your hard-earned marketing money.


Managing your client data with your other marketing systems


Zapier lets you connect your Timely app to other apps that you may use. If you use another marketing app, such as your own CRM or another email service, Zapier will automatically transfer the client’s data between the two systems. This means you don’t need to manually update client records; they’re automatically updated, keeping your client data accurate and current.

“The Zapier Integration is such an awesome addition!!! It’s helped to create new contacts in other systems like Shopify, Infusionsoft, and Skipio which is incredible!”– Christopher, Enchanted Fairies

You work hard to provide exceptional service, and we want to help build your brand, credibility and client loyalty by providing you with powerful marketing tools that help automate client growth and retention.

Coming soon to Timely

Very soon we will be launching client login, this optional service will make rebooking online appointments even easier for your clients.