From the chaos of handwritten notes to a sleek, professional system that delivers the ultimate customer experience…. see how Jessica Mee Medispa made the switch to Timely and has never looked back.

From pen and paper to efficient and professional

Jessica setup JM MediSap in Blyth, Nottinghamshire in the UK when she was just 22. Now, over a decade later, her flourishing business is one of the area’s leading beauty, aesthetic and wellness destinations.

For the first 8 years of business, Jessica had a diary, handwriting all appointments, scribbling in and out, flicking the pages to re-book appointments and then doing it all again once her clients had realised they couldn’t make their appointment…. and having to start from the beginning. All while trying to keep a smile on her face!

To say it was time consuming was a huge understatement. However, it was all Jessica knew and it worked for her and she thought she was happy with the system she was using. After all, what could be better than the good old fashioned pen and paper right?

“How wrong I was!” says Jessica. “After being introduced to Timely I always knew that if I was ever going to make the switch to salon software, it would be Timely. I loved everything about them, even though at the time, I just didn’t dare take the plunge.”

But with all her competitors offering online bookings, reward schemes, links from websites and reminder texts, Jessica started to worry she would lose clients to more current and on-trend salons who were offering everything her good old appointment book couldn’t.

“With all the other salons advertising online bookings and sending reminder texts I started to feel like I was being left behind and I would lose clients to them.”

Jessica Mee, JM MediSpa

It was then Jessica realised she had to invest in a salon software system and try and overcome all her worries about leaving her trusted pen and paper behind.

“I had lots of concerns about switching over from my handwritten appointment book. I talked about it to all my staff and some of my longest standing clients. In fact I was terrified! I had so many ifs and buts running through my mind deciding if I should make the change from pen and paper to a salon software system.”


Jessica contacted Neil and Sally from Timely, and set up a meeting where she asked every question she could possibly think of. What happens if the system crashes? Will I find it easy to use? What if my internet is ever down?

“I soon found out that Timely have absolutely everything covered and they really have thought of everything!” says Jessica, remembering how relieved she felt after that first meeting. “Within 30 minutes of speaking with them, my mind was definitely made up and I couldn’t wait to get started.”

“The help and support from Timely is absolutely phenomenal. No matter who you speak with, they are super friendly, informative and really helpful.”

Jessica Mee, JM MediSpa

Jessica was delighted at the support and help she received, not just with her setup, but ever since she has been a customer.

“The ongoing support from Timely is amazing. With Timely being on social media I’ve personally found this a great help, they are so easily contactable and are readily available to answer any queries and questions you may have. For me, this speaks volumes. During your working day, when you’re busy and need a quick answer it’s a great tool and I really appreciate it. Timely also has a troubleshooting section where you can type in any question and find the answer.”

“Timely has increased my revenue by getting rid of my no-shows. With that alone, it’s paid for itself.”

Jessica Mee, JM MediSpa


Timely has taken the time-consuming admin out of Jessica’s day and helped her bring her salon right up to date.

“Without Timely I wouldn’t be where I am today. Timely gives my Medispa such a modern feel.
Clients LOVE getting a reminder text, in fact it’s probably spoken about daily. Clients no longer forget their appointments, I no longer need to write on appointment cards and I can so easily re-book and keep client consultation forms. It’s just so easy.”

Each of Jessica’s client’s has their own profile where Jessica keeps all their consultation forms. Now she can easily see past and future appointments, her or her therapists can write notes and attach these to a treatment or consultation and treatment photos can also be saved and stored in the records.

“All of this combined has been my saviour. The time this has saved us is unspeakable.”

Timely has also revolutionised the way JM MediSpa sells vouchers. Now Jessica and her team can do this with a few quick clicks within Timely.

“Gone are the days of writing in a little notebook each time someone wanted to buy a voucher, a simple click and a code is given which we write on top of our branded vouchers, so professional and neat!”

Jessica Mee, JM MediSpa


Jessica is delighted to report that with Timely, her salon’s revenue has definitely increased. “I would 100% say this is due to absolutely no more ‘no-shows’. Clients were always forgetting their appointments. In an average week we would have anything from 5-20 clients that wouldn’t turn up, now we have zero. With that alone, Timely pays for itself over and over again.”

“For anyone thinking of switching to Timely especially in these uncertain economic times I would say don’t even think twice. Now is the time to do it.”

“Be that salon that stands out… the one that cares for their clients, sends happy birthday discounts, reminders of their appointments and consultation forms in advance. Timely will be the reason why clients will return to you month in, month out.”

Jessica Mee, JM MediSpa

Jessica strongly believes that “your business’s future is with you, spend your time hands-on with your clients and give them your undivided attention letting Timely do the rest. You’ll never regret it, I certainly haven’t.”