Are you making the most of your free monthly SMS allowance from Timely? Instead of playing phone tag to confirm appointments, you can give your clients an exceptional experience and save yourself loads of time.  In our three part Beauty Buzz series, we’ll be helping you make the most of these messages. We’ll take you through our top tips on how to save time, build your online reputation and keep your clients coming back.

Beauty Buzz – helping you get the most of your SMS allocation

Automagical reminders

Discover the magic of automatic reminders. We’ll take you through how to set up reminder messages with ‘Text Y to confirm’ – saving you hours of admin and drastically reducing no-shows. Plus, get tips on how to get your brand across even in automated messages.  

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Follow-up finesse

Building lasting relationships with clients is key. In this video you’ll discover how to craft follow-up messages that will keep your clients smiling long after they’ve left the salon. Discover your go-to service for aftercare, feedback and reviews – we’ll even show you how to set up follow-up messages, as well as how to use URL shorteners so you can fit even more into each message.

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Rebook like a pro

Increase the lifetime value of every client that walks through your door. In this final video of our three part series, we show you how rebooking reminders can have a huge impact on your business. Plus we’ll show you how to set up promo codes to incentivise clients who have ghosted you to come back.

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