Managing your retail and professional stock is an important part of running a profitable business, and Timely’s new stock management features have made keeping track of your stock a breeze!

Timely makes managing your stock a breeze

You can now separate retail and professional stock, make bulk stock level adjustments, and keep track of your stock movements. Let’s take a closer look!

Retail and professional stock

Keeping tabs on your professional stock is an important part of balancing your expenses, so it’s important to have visibility over how much professional stock you’re using each week. By separating out your professional stock from retail, you can run reports specifically on your professional stock to spot patterns. Are there days where you see more wastage? Are particular professional products more popular with your staff?

Save time by updating your stock levels in bulk

Now you can quickly and easily make changes to multiple product stock levels at the same time. Fly through tasks like updating your salon stock levels at the end of the day, receiving new orders from your suppliers, and updating stock on hand after a stocktake.

Keeping tabs on your stock movements just got easier

The brand new Stock movement report is your go-to for keeping an eye on where your stock is going. This report shows an overview of stock movements that have occurred during the reported time period, making it easier to keep tabs on your stock.

What’s next with stock management?

Our stock management features are continually improving, with stock ordering the next cab off the rank! We know that ordering stock can be a pain, so we’re going to make it a breeze by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

We’re working on building the quickest and easiest stock ordering system available. You’ll be able to generate and email orders to your suppliers with a single click of a button, or if you prefer, let us do it all and order automatically when your stock levels are low!