At last you can grab a little Timely for your iPhone or iPad.

The Timely iOS App for iPhone & iPad has arrived

We are delighted to announce that we have an app for download right now from the Timely iOS app at the Apple App Store. This app provides a seamless Timely experience with more screen real estate and a reworked mobile experience.

And it’s totally free!

This version of the iOS app is the first step on a journey to a beautiful, full-featured mobile experience. This means you can expect speedy updates now that it exists!

Timely's iOS app on the iPhone

Because the iOS app doesn’t require a web browser, there is more space to view your appointments and it’s faster to load.

It also means you and your staff can seamlessly manage appointments and not be tied to a desk.

Where can I get it?

Simple, just launch the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad (or iTunes on your laptop) then search for Timely appointments. Once you’ve found it, click the Get button.

Once the shiny new app is downloaded, why not add it to the first page of your home screen and have a play. There’s nothing like having your business at your finger tips!