Offering multiple payment options to your clients will change your business! Not only will you be able to boost your revenue by upselling retail products like a pro; you can take pre appointment deposits to make sure you’re not out of pocket for no-shows and late cancellations. We chatted to beauty boss Haylee Benton on the different types of payments you should offer, and why! ✨

Haylee Benton is the founder of The Silver Fern Group; a trio of hugely successful beauty businesses, as well as Pamper Pad; the TripAdvisor of the hair and beauty world! From humble beginnings in New Zealand to creating a booming business empire, Haylee helps companies across the globe rise from the ashes, turning failing hair and beauty salons into high-street sensations 🤩  

Get access to new clients

These days, most salons accept credit cards and contactless payments because customers of all ages find it more convenient than paying by cash. With so many options around at the moment, there’s a chance they’ll go to another salon if you don’t give them a bunch of different payment options, including ones like Afterpay and Laybuy which let them spread payments out over a number of weeks.

Fun cash facts 💸

  • The bank industry’s trade body, UK Finance, predicts that by 2027, cash will account for just 16% of all transactions. What’s more, the use of contactless payments will more than double in popularity by then. 
  • Dun & Bradstreet, a company that provides commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses, found that people spend 12-18% more when using credit cards instead of cash.

“People want things now but may not be able to afford it. By offering different payment options like Afterpay and Laybuy, you’re opening up your business to a new group of clients.”

Haylee Benton

Help guides:
Payments using Afterpay
Payments using Laybuy

Improve your client experience

Clients that get an amazing experience feel like a VIP, and you don’t want to burst that bubble when you get to the checkout! Using cardless payments with Timely Pay is a great way to make it feel like a premium payment experience and set you apart from your competitors, but you’ll also skip the awkward transaction at the end of the service. Learn more about Timely Pay 🎉

Haylee’s tip: Little touches make the world of difference to your client experience. Chocolates, mints, blankets, and a range of different teas are all great ways to make your business stand out from the rest!

Help guide:
Cardless Checkout on Timely Pay

Increase your average client spend

Afterpay and Laybuy are not only going to help clients afford your services when they’re on a budget (like lots of people are right now), but they’re also proven to increase your average sale amount by 74%! A sample group of our Timely customers saw a 200% increase in payment value when Afterpay was used as a payment method, and a 230% increase when Laybuy was used 🤯

Increasing average spend can also be done in other ways.  We found that businesses that take a deposit are 24% more likely to also upsell a product while customers using gift vouchers are 50% more likely to purchase a product!

Upsell treatment types

This might be upselling a client from a normal pedicure to a luxury pedicure, or offering a hair treatment as an add-on. 

Upsell retail products

If you have white space after a treatment, you could offer another service at a discounted rate so you can fill the gap and increase the client’s spend.

“Little tweaks like this can make a HUGE difference on your average client spend, and therefore your bottom line.”

Haylee Benton

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Payments using Laybuy

Watch to see how quickly you can upsell products and services with TimelyPay and our new client checkout:

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