Most class users are typically fitness and heath related but you never know - you might want to hold a spontaneous class or get a group of people together. Well now you can!

Adding customers to recurring classes

One of the key requirements we were repeatedly asked for was the ability to carry over customers to a series of classes. For example, you might be fitness instructor who wants to schedule 5 workout classes over 5 weeks in which customers sign up for the whole lot.

Until now this meant the laborious task of adding customers manually to each class in the series – even when the class list for each one was identical. Not fun!

The techbots have been hard at work and have now made it possible to add a customer to multiple classes in one hit! Even better, if a customer only wants to attend some classes then you can do that too!

How does it work?

The first thing to do is schedule a new class on the Calendar. tab switch You might notice that the Recurrence and Customers tabs have switched around. This has been done to improve the flow.

Next up, select the Recurrence tab and set how often the class should be repeated and how many classes there are in the series. This process is exactly the same as repeating appointments so no changes there.

The biggest change has been reserved for the Customers tab. Select this and start adding your customers by typing their name.

customer recurrence options loop

Once the customer details are loaded, choose which option you would like from the new Repeat section (see above). If the customer is to attend all classes then check the “All classes” option, otherwise specify how many classes that customer will attend from those available. The example above shows there are 5 available.

Click the Add to Class button and then add another customer. When you’re customers are loaded, click Save and you’re done!

Now if you go to a future class, you’ll see that the customers are already safely booked in :)

What else do I need to know? 

Good question, here they are:

  • Once you’ve added a customer to a class series, that number is locked

    attending 5 classes

  • If you need to remove a customer from a future class, just head to that class and delete as normal
  • Customers can be added at any point to the class series
  • Class lists will only display customers booked into that specific class
  • Reminders will work as normal

What else is the pipeline for classes?

There’s a lot of flexibility with customers and recurring classes and we’ll seek to improve what is there in the next interation.

Right around the corner though, we’re adding invoicing and payments to classes (which will make lots of people happy!) and a bit further down the line, we’ll provide support for booking recurring classes online.

Have a play and let us know you think.