Last week Andrew (or "Scoff") the boss of the techbots outlined the development roadmap for the next four to five months. The first big thing mentioned was to complete payments and invoicing by polishing what's there and crushing the existing list of related features.

Roadmap update #1: Payments and invoicing

Payments and invoicing is already very popular with our users. That’s no surprise really because making it easy for your customers to pay – means everyone wins!

With this in mind, we want to deal to a collection of existing feature requests that you and other users have asked for. These requests (shown a bit further down) all relate to payments and invoicing activities and as you can see, this list is rather large.

Take a quick look below to see the requests that matter to you. If you leave a vote and a comment, we can get your requirements and you’ll be automatically informed as they move through the development process:

The techbots are working on these right now so expect good things really soon. Also keep track of other enhancements and bugs they’re knocking off (almost daily!) by reading our change log.

Get involved and let us know what you think!