The wait is over! You can now accept online payments for your classes through Timely!

Online class payments have come to Timely!

That’s right! You can now accept online payments for classes!  If you haven’t already set up online payments, you’ll need to do that first.

To set up your class payment policy head to Setup > Services and Edit the class you want to accept online payments for.

Choose whether you want to require full payment or a deposit and then hit Save.

Class Payments

Once you’ve done that, customers booking classes online will be prompted to pay when they are booking their class. Yippee!

When a customer pays for their class online, you’ll see that their invoice has been paid in the class window next to their name, along with the nifty cloud icon to show they’ve booked online.

While the payment is in progress, the customer will show up in grey until the payment has been completed. Similar to services, if the payment is not completed with 60 minutes their booking will be removed.

Paid Invoice


Check out our help guides for more information on taking online payments for your appointments and classes in Timely.