When you tell people that you’re opening your own salon, everyone is quick to envision a plush studio with bright lights, fancy equipment, and a professional stylist...

8 Salon Ideas for Small Spaces

Those of you that have faced the reality of opening your own salon know that image is far from the truth. It’s more than likely that you’re going to have to work with a more humble setup. Starting from the bottom means that you’re going to have to come up with some great salon ideas for small spaces.

But never fear!

A small salon space doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With some effort and imagination, you can have it looking like your dream salon in no time.

Whether you’re working out of your garage or a space the size of most closets, keep on reading to find out how you can wow your clients and have an Instagram worthy salon.

1. Modern design

Our first example gives us a great idea of what’s possible if you’re going for the modern, clean look. The chairs they chose have a sleek design while the drawers in the back help make up for the lack of room. The space is also accented by a cute chandelier that provides some nice, calming lighting for the area.

If you’re going for this look, or really any look in general, it’s important to ensure that you keep your space as clean as possible while keeping your equipment polished so that it gives off that luxury feel that every salon strives for.

2. Comfortably chic

You can tell by first glances that this setup is centered around offering a comforting vibe for clients while delivering a feeling of having your hair done at a friends place. The Marilyn Monroe artwork overhead accents the carpet and drapes while the small mirror offers the perfect finishing touch for this studio.

3. At home salon

Those of you thinking of starting your salon in your garage may want to pay some close attention to this setup. You can tell that plenty of work was put in to install fresh walls as well as adding accent lighting in the ceilings as a nice finishing touch.

She also has plenty of decoration and equipment setup in a way that her space doesn’t seem jumbled despite being in a smaller area. If you are looking to move into a garage or similar area and have the resources for some renovations, definitely look into having your walls & lighting done in a similar manner.

4. Mobile salon

Ever considered having a salon on wheels?

This salon in an RV gives us a good idea of what could be your reality with some hard work and dedication.

If you are interested in going mobile, keep in mind that less is definitely more in this scenario as you will be even more space constricted than others. So do your best to cut out the junk and stick to the necessities.

5. Nail salon inspiration

This nail salon combines comfort with a fun look with two big comfy chairs serving as the main points while including plenty of accessories to make their guests feel more at home.

Also, take a look at the white hanging curtains and the little tree they have stationed next to the chair, these are perfect examples of great accessories that make clients feel more comfortable at your station.

6. Perfect use of space

Thinking of renovating an entire room of your house for your salon? Then take a good hard look at the above picture to understand how to properly fit in a lot of equipment while also having plenty of space for you and your clients to move around. This layout would be perfect for an attic or basement setup.

7. Minimalist magic

Who says you need a bunch of fancy accessories to have an amazing salon? This setup shows that you can stick to the bare minimum and still have a great salon as long as you have some matching items in your workspace like the pink chandelier and drawers in this setup.

8. Great use of colour

The color scheme used in this model really helps accentuate the lighting and accessories used throughout the space. Also, the owner used a good design for the ceilings & floor that really help give it a clean look and a welcoming vibe.

Enough looking at other people’s dream setups, now it’s time to build your own. Get inspired!

Keep in mind that no area is too small for your salon, switch items around where you need to and feel free to cut unnecessary junk from your build in order to make space for the equipment that you need.

If you ever get discouraged, feel free to look back at all of these great setups for some quick inspiration.