We’re a social bunch here at Timely, and now we’ve made friends with Laybuy so you can give your clients more freedom to buy now, and pay for their services and products over 6 weeks. It’s great for your clients, and even better for your business! Available in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Laybuy has landed at Timely

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Laybuy is so much easier than you think it’s going to be! Your clients will absolutely love it, and you’ll be able to sell more and grow your business. Kate, Loxy’s Hair Boutique

Great reasons to use Laybuy with Timely

There are lots of benefits to giving your clients the option to pay their treatments off over time. 

Get your clients spending 74% more
Clients are willing to spend more when they don’t need to pay for their treatment up front. In businesses using a buy now, pay later service with Timely, the average transaction amount has been 74% higher than regular payments – that’s a pretty big jump! 

With Laybuy the client is more inclined to buy more product and spend more, which makes it easier to upsell! Andrea,Sass Hair & Co

There’s no risk to your business
When your client pays with Laybuy, you get paid straight away, while the client pays off their service and products over a period of 6 weeks. 

Attract new clients
You’ll have access to a whole new world of clients by offering budget-friendly payment options that don’t impact your cash flow.

Laybuy has brought a lot of younger clientele to our business because they’re able to pay off their hair over time. It’s been really good for our salon, and they refer their friends to us too! Andrea, Sass Hair & Co

Grow your sales by up to 94%
Your bottom line will get a boost when your clients spend more with your business. Timely businesses have seen total sales grow by up to 94% using buy now, pay later options.

Get ahead of your competition 
Giving your clients more options to pay will help you to stand out from the crowd, and could be the difference between a client going to you or a competitor.

Buy now, pay later payment options encourage people to come to our business because our competitors don’t have it unless they have Timely too! The Lash Room

Create a great client experience
Letting your clients pay in a way that best suits their income and budget not only improves their payment experience, but shows them you understand their financial situation, whatever that may be. Laybuy gives your clients the option to pay for their appointment over 6 weeks without the risk of getting into debt; as long as they meet their payments, Laybuy is always interest free (your clients can incur small late payment fees).

Laybuy enables us to give the client the tattoo of their dreams and lets them pay it off over 6 weeks, which works really well for most people. Mark, Expression Tattoo

Create a seamless payment experience
Once you’ve got it set up, you’ll simply select ‘Laybuy’ when processing a client’s payment, and they’ll receive an SMS or notification with a code that will need to be entered. 

From there, the sale will be marked as completed and the transaction recorded in Timely, and your business will be paid out by Laybuy.

Laybuy looks after all of the client’s payments externally – all we have to do is click a button! Kate, Loxy’s Hair Boutique

Getting started with Laybuy is easy
We’ve made it super easy to get Laybuy going in your business. Better yet,  there are no setup fees because Laybuy cover the cost by charging a small percentage from each transaction.

All you need to do is complete the form on this page, and from there the team at Laybuy will be in touch to get you started.

If we didn’t have buy now, pay later options we’d probably only have 70% of the clients we have now. I think it makes a huge difference. I don’t think we would be as busy as we are without it. The Lash Room

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