Welcome to 2017! I hope you all had an amazing festive season and got some time off to have a break with your families and friends.

January Feature: walk-ins, package redemption, and more

We’ve started this year with a hiss and a roar and some awesome new features. We’re looking forward to an busy year of improvements here at Timely, too.

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently – let’s dive in!

Walk-in services

Our new walk-in services feature allows you to sell services without adding an appointment to the calendar first. This is perfect for upselling or cross-selling treatments, or dealing with walk-ins with just a few clicks.

upsell with Timely

Read all about it in the blog post.

iPad/iPhone Activity View

Our iOS team have been working really hard on our native app for iPad and iphone. This year we’ve added the much anticipated Activity view, which shows you your appointments, busy times and breaks.

The ‘Requested bookings’ tab shows pending online bookings, which you can accept or decline.

Upcoming appointments

Check out the blog post for more.

Redeem packages for appointments on iOS

If you’re using packages in Timely, you’ll know it’s possible to redeem packages against appointments in the web version of Timely. Well, now you can do that on your iPhone or iPad!

The latest version of the iOS app includes the ability to redeem a client’s package when you mark their appointment as Complete in your iPhone or iPad. So easy!

Read the blog post for more details.


The Techbots are always tweaking under the hood to make things faster, smoother, easier – or just plain better. Here are a few cool things we’ve added this year:

  • The Invoice details report is a new addition to Timely reports. It makes it easy to stay on top of your invoices. The report shows a breakdown of all the line items for invoices raised in the specified period.
  • Did you know that you can request online payment of an invoice in Timely? Even better, in January we added the ability to send a customised message along with your link. Much friendlier!
  • You told us that sometimes you like to honour a gift voucher beyond its expiry date. Previously, once a gift voucher had expired it was unable to be used. But now you can reactivate an expired gift voucher, if businesses want to honour them.

Bug fixes

When you’re updating software as often as we update Timely, bugs can sometimes creep in, which can cause funny issues to crop up from time to time. A bug is a glitch in the system, and is a normal part of the software development process. They’re usually small and easily fixed!

During January we fixed a total of 26 bugs! We usually find out about bugs by you letting us know, so keep it up.

You can always see what bugs we’ve been stomping over in the Changelog.

Coming soon to Timely

We’ve got some awesome new features in the pipeline for this year. These are a couple of the big ones on the horizon!

Customer follow-ups

The customer follow-ups feature will make it possible to send follow-up emails and SMS to your customers after their appointments. This highly requested feature is currently in the design phase, and is coming along nicely.

iOS Point of Sale

The big one! Our iOS team are knee-deep in the iOS point of sale feature, and we can’t wait. You’ll be able to take payments for your appointments, sell products, gift vouchers and packages, all from your iPad!

Feedback welcome

We’re really pleased we were able to start the ball rolling so quickly this year, and we can’t wait to keep delivering new features and improvements. Your feedback helps us keep improving Timely to make it work for you, so thank you to all our commenters, questioners, and beta testers.

See you next month!