Timely is all about keeping it classy. It's lucky then that the second big thing the techbots are working on is - "classes".

Roadmap update #2: It’s all class!

Classes are super useful for lots of businesses like fitness providers, personal trainers, pilates instructors and many more.

Just take a look at how great Timely has been for Lucy Warren and her pilates business.

Unlike usual appointments, classes work differently because they require bookings from multiple people for the same session. They also need to be added to the calendar before customers can actually book them. Take a look at this guide to see how they currently work.

While they’re useful now, there are still features missing from classes to make them truly awesome. With this in mind, techbots are adding two popular feature requests for classes.

These are:

If you haven’t already, make sure to vote on the feature request you want. In fact, why not vote on both of them! While you’re at it, add any other suggestions you might have to the comments below.