A couple of weeks ago we released our new Dashboard feature, as well as some changes to the Executive Summary report.

Business performance at a glance

We’ve received feedback from you on the calculations used for the Executive Summary report, so we’ve made some changes to how those work. Exciting stuff!

Hold on, what’s the Executive Summary?

If you haven’t had a look at your Executive Summary yet, you should! This handy report gives you a quick run-down on how your business is performing.

Information is broken down by Staff performance and Location performance and shows a summary of Customers, Appointments and Sales at a glance.

You can use this report as a baseline to improve your business performance just like you can with the Dashboard. Pretty handy eh!

New retention and rebooking calculations

It’s much easier to understand what the Rebooked and Retained columns are showing you. We’ve simplified what these show based on your feedback.

This blog post covers the detail on how those work.

Unique customer counts

If a customer sees multiple staff members or has appointments at multiple locations, they’ll only be counted once for the time period. Wahoo!

This means your New customers or Total customers columns may be different to what they previously were.

Average value of appointments

Previously the Average Value column was calculated based on the average value of services during that time period. This now reflects the average value of your Appointments as a whole, which is important if you use appointments with more than one service.


Check out the help guide for more information on how the Executive Summary report works.