Being in control of your business means more than just having a handle on your bookings. It means knowing how much you've made, how much you will make, and what your customers are worth. That's why Timely automatically gathers and displays the data collected from your clients and bookings so that you have the information you need to make better business decisions and get more customers.

3 ways Timely puts you in control of your business

Here are 3 ways that Timely puts you in control and helps you run your business more efficiently.

Customer Spend

All customers are valuable, but some are more valuable than others. There are those who will show up every day on time and will pay you quickly, and there are those who may not always show up, will book erratically, and will be late on invoices. Both will pay you (eventually!), but which one would you rather invest your time and effort into?

At a glance, Timely can tell you who your best customers are and how much they’re worth to your business.

Client Retention with MailChimp

It’s makes more financial sense to keep an existing client than to try and get a new one. Recurring customers keep money coming in, which keeps your business growing while you get new customers.

The MailChimp integration is an excellent feature which takes the email addresses from your clients and puts them in groups (also known as segments) based on factors like their age, the last time they booked, or their total spend. You can then send promotional emails to these different groups.

For example, if you have an offer that you’d only like to make available to your VIP customers, you can email that offer out to them through MailChimp without having to go through your spreadsheet to find your VIP customers.

There is more information and a detailed set-up guide on this page.

Day sheets

Personal trainers often have early mornings, which means that there is little time for organising appointments and bookings. With Timely’s day sheets, this is all done automatically.

In the morning, simply print out a day sheet and it will show you all the client bookings you have for the day. If your business has multiple staff, you can print out a day sheet for each staff member and equip them to take on the busiest of the busy days.

If you’d like to check out an example of a day sheet, check out this blog post.