Rebekah added a Book Now button to her website and got a new client booking within 30 minutes

Louise Posted by Louise Blakely

Red Ribbon Beauty, a boutique beauty and massage therapy clinic, has a single vision — to make their clients feel “Beautifully Beautiful”. Here the clinics owner, Rebekah, describes how Timely helps them to achieve this goal…

Growing business

“Red Ribbon is a new Beauty Therapy Clinic and we are currently establishing our client base. Timely helps us to do that in a couple of ways. The first way we noticed was when we added the “book now” button to our website, we received an appointment for a new client within 30 minutes. It was very exciting!”

“The main benefit of using Timely we have noticed, is the time we are saving from admin tasks. This means we can give more time to our clients to make their experiences amazing. Happy clients are referring their friends and we love that word of mouth marketing!”

“When we added the Book Now button to our website, we received an appointment for a new client within 30 minutes”

Daily deals made easy

“We have been running daily deals on GrabOne and Treat Me — and they have been selling like hot cakes! It is awesome to get customers through the door, but scheduling all of the appointments via phone was proving very difficult. Now with Timely it is easy — my customers who purchased a deal can pick their own appointment time from my website and receive an instant confirmation of their booking.”

Timely’s online bookings made their website worth the investment

“As a small business owner, I am never really “off the clock” and Timely is available on my iPad any time I need to check my schedule or move appointments around. When we put time and money into building our website — it was hard to know if we would see a return on that investment. When we added Timely’s Book Now button it became obvious that it was definitely worth it. We now get bookings regularly from new customers through our website and also our regulars book themselves in online which saves us time arranging appointments.”

Awesome support

“We met the Timely team when they first launched the appointment system and were part of the beta group. In the last two months, the number of features they have added has been amazing. There have been things I have asked for that get done in a day or two. I enjoy dealing with the guys at Timely, they are nice chaps and they listen.”

About: Red Ribbon Beauty is a Boutique Beauty & Massage Therapy Clinic with a single vision to make their clients feel Beautifully Beautiful. Visit the Red Ribbon Beauty Facebook page or website.