When aesthetics salon Smooth and Simple got started with TimelyPay, they wanted an all-in-one payment solution that transformed the way they ran their business. And they found it.

How TimelyPay makes life Smooth & Simple

Nishant Agarwal loves technology. Anything that makes his business more agile, efficient and profitable, he’s on board with.

So when he set up his salon Smooth & Simple in 2004, he got started with TimelyPay immediately. It made getting paid easier, and the checkout experience became a beautiful experience for them and their clients. 

“I could really see the value in a system that was intuitive, took the admin off our hands and meant we could just concentrate on doing our job.” says Nishant.

And now with TimelyPay terminals, things have got even better.  Over the years, Nishant and his team had used a lot of different card readers in the salon. 

“I always thought they were much of a muchness, I mean, how different can a card reader be?” he says.

But since using a TimelyPay terminal, Nishant has changed his mind.

“It offers so much more than a standard card reader, I didn’t appreciate this until I started using it – I cannot stress that enough!” he says. “It integrates so well with the Timely system. It’s not just about taking payments. You save so much time with not having to reconcile transactions, not to mention the embarrassment of keying in the wrong payment.”

“You can’t mess up the transaction. That’s huge. No more mistakenly charging someone £2.50 instead of £250!”

Although mistyped payments weren’t a regular occurrence, the worry was always there. Nishant was always double checking to make sure he’d typed in the correct amount and checking that his staff had too.

“Until you don’t have that constant worry any more, you just don’t appreciate how good it is to simply trust the Timely system and know that it’s right every time!”

Nishant also likes how the new card reader is connected to his salon software and makes accounting easier. “When you’re doing your accounts, you get your single payment that goes through, you’re not having to drill down into every single day’s payments to make sure those amounts are right. That’s huge and saves so much time.”

From a financial sense, the switch to a TimelyPay terminal was a complete no-brainer for Smooth & Simple. 

“Timely’s card reader processing fee was low, compared to what we had been paying and next day payments are what every business wants,” says Nishant.

“Because TimelyPay and a TimelyPay terminal work together, the money the salon has made is available the very next business day. Nowadays you can’t afford to not have that money in your bank account as soon as possible.”

And being in the aesthetic business, the way the card reader looks is important for Nishant too. 

“It’s a nice light unit that we’ve mounted onto our reception desk. We don’t need to handle it ourselves and clients like that,” he says. 

“Timely is a complete system and so much more than just taking bookings and dealing with payments.”

And because TimelyPay terminals sync directly with Timely, all of the information flows through to the salon’s reports, so Nishant and his team can get insights into their transactions and cash flow. 

Before Timely I had an idea of what my most and least profitable treatments were, but now I know for sure. No more guesswork!”

So what would Nishant say to a salon that’s thinking of switching to a TimelyPay terminal?

“You’ve got to try it, it’s a complete system and so much more than just taking payments. Everything works together, you’ve suddenly freed up so much of your time not having to do all that admin and that’s massive.”