Rochelle's inspirational story does not begin with massage, but rather the time she worked as an Administration Assistant for a corporate company. During her time in this role her weight had reached 136kg, and she made the courageous decision to begin a life-changing weight loss journey.

Timely saves time and money for massage therapists

During her transformation, she developed an interest in health and fitness, as this was core to her weight loss plan. Suddenly, there was a change of management at her workplace and Rochelle didn’t like where things were headed. She bit the bullet and took the plunge into personal training.

After completing her education in training, Rochelle worked at a women’s gym for many years. She worked with many different clients, helping them gain fitness and heal from a variety of injuries, and this created an interest in massage.

Today she concentrates predominantly on her massage business, making sure that all parts of her clients’ bodies are moving as they should be. While this occasionally includes a home-based training programme to help correct posture and support injury recovery, her core focus is on massage.

Timely saves you from no-shows

Before Rochelle moved onto Timely, she was sometimes getting up at 5am to train a client at 6am. And when that person didn’t show up… ouch. That’s not a good start to the day. Since being on Timely Rochelle says that she’s only had two no-shows, which she puts down to the SMS reminders that are sent out to her clients. Rochelle had previously been using Google Calendar, which didn’t offer what her business required.

“To be honest, the software was so easy to use. I thought there must be a hidden catch somewhere. It seemed too good to be true.”

Rochelle quickly realised that Timely was in fact, that easy and that the software does what it claims. She loves being able to use the Calendar to quickly schedule a break, which means that no one is able to book those times. This has meant she is able to make her work life more concentrated in certain periods of the day, freeing up more time to lead a good lifestyle away from the business.

There is no more hanging around, waiting for people to turn up either. Rochelle is now confident that her clients will either cancel 24 hours in advance, or they will be showing up for their appointment. “There’s no more waiting around for appointments when you’re not even sure if they will show or not.”

Timely saves me time

The biggest impact that Timely has had on Real Training and Massage is that it saves Rochelle so much administration time. Beforehand she was sometimes texting a client back and forth six times before they could settle on a suitable time for them both. Now she’s able to quickly send them her calendar showing her available times, or they can book online themselves. The online booking system has also brought new clients to the business, as well as being super convenient for her existing clients.

Timely saves time and money for massage therapists

The Timely crew listens to your feedback

Rochelle has in the past suggested some new features to the techbots at Timely. “I just love how they are really proactive at Timely. I suggested a feature, and next thing it was there. They just listen to their users.”

Real Training & Massage certainly benefits from using Timely. So much so that Rochelle is keen to recommend it to anyone that needs to book appointments as part of their business. Soon her hairdresser will be signing up too!

“I just love how they are really proactive at Timely, and they listen to their users.”