NASA before Powerpoint. Photo by JR Eyerman. 1960's.

It’s time for another update on our product development plans for Timely!

Our last big update was back in July 2013 when we mapped out our roadmap for payments. As you can see, we’ve made excellent progress with most features completed.

This time around, we have a much bigger development team so we’re hoping to crank through things a lot quicker.

And we certainly have no lack of ideas for Timely, as of now there are 326 open suggestions on our feedback site. It’s awesome to have such an active community and we really appreciate all the suggestions and comments that you, our lovely customers, leave for us.

Right – so on to the roadmap. Our broad plan for the next 4-5 months is to focus on three big initiatives:

We’ll also keep chipping away at smaller enhancements and features, and of course squashing those pesky bugs (have a squizz at our updates and changes page to see some of the incremental improvements we’re making to Timely on a daily basis).

Over the coming days we’ll provide more detail on those three big initiatives including links to specific features so you can vote for them (we can then update you as we complete each one).

Stay tuned to our blog and we look forward to getting some discussion going!