Kettlebell king Jacob Moller-Andersen runs his personal training business, Ma-Xfit, in a rural area of England called Weardale, County Durham. His business offers boot camps and one-on-one sessions, as well as Functional Crossfit Box.

Timely helps this personal trainer stand out from the crowd

Jacob’s approach to personal training is to create a specific, custom approach for each client, to help them achieve their goals and realise their full potential. He is also a member of REPS UK, which helps him to stay at the top of his field within the fitness industry.

Jacob looked at different options, but Timely stood out

Jacob was looking for a booking software that was going to be easy to use, both for himself and his clients. He spent a lot of time looking at different options, but Timely stood out to him as the one to go for. He found it easy to use, and since it was cloud software, he could go mobile and schedule from anywhere.

Jacob is constantly on the move, and being able to take his Timely booking system with him wherever he goes is essential to his business. He even takes his iPad down to his outdoor Bootcamp sessions, to keep an eye on his schedule and to book clients in for an extra session right on the spot.

“I take my iPad to outdoor Bootcamps to keep my business running smoothly.”

Timely helps this personal trainer stand out from the crowd

He started using Timely in November 2013 and says the system has given him a professional edge. His clients love that they can go online and book a session, anytime, anywhere. The ease of online booking is also a huge bonus for Jacob’s business.

“The clients love the reminders, both email and SMS. It lets me stand out from other personal trainers in Durham.”

His clients appreciate the text or email reminder before their appointment, which also reduces the no-shows. Features like this give Jacob the edge he needs to stand out from the competition.

Using the Timely system, Jacob is able to keep in touch with his clients and attract new ones without extra effort. He is confident that without Timely he wouldn’t be able to maintain the constant communication with them, which is essential to being able to build their business.

“As a PT in a rural area, Timely is giving me that extra kaboom.”