Why we do what we do is inextricably tied to one purpose and one purpose alone to help our customers find more time to do what they love. Timely has allowed them to spend more hours with clients, family or friends, or devote more time to building their business.

Celebrating Timely Customer Success in 2016

When we see our customers achieve and exceed their goals we can’t help but feel super proud. 2016 was a huge year for us, but an even bigger year for many of our customers who keep astounding us with their innovative and impassioned approach to building world-class businesses.

We chalked up some pretty impressive stats with our customers over this past year. So much time saved! It’s quite extraordinary.

timely 2016 customer stats

We’ve loved getting out and visiting our customers and learning what makes them tick! Check out just some of the amazing people we’ve crossed paths with throughout 2016. These people truly are small business heroes!


Theo Dimitri – Germany

In March, we were lucky enough to meet the very worldly Theo Dimitri. Theo was born into a long line of hairdressers. At 16, the friendly, outgoing boy from Toowoomba decided his future was in the salon business too. Now 28, with 12 years of experience under his belt, he is taking over the world.

Theo has spent the last few years travelling around the globe, styling models and celebrities at numerous fashion weeks and luxury events. He’s recently started working for La Biosthetique as a creative freelance consultant. He’s now based in Germany, where he spends half of his time styling clients, and the rest of his time travelling, educating, and creating works of art for a living. What a life!

Theo has found a way to learn, grow, love and work all at once.

“When I travel I instantly find more love – you’re open to more, you’re alert and wanting to learn and push yourself.”

theo dimitri

If you’re a salon owner and have a passion for travel or hair art, Theo is certainly one to watch. Read more about Theo’s journey here.


Simply Stretch LA – California, USA

This next customer is absolutely killing it with her business, Simply Stretch LA.

As an Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach, Lindsay Sudell saw a huge gap in the market in the realm of stretching and mobility. She knew more could be done to help people with injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance. So she took it upon herself to find the answer.

Lindsay then studied Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and started practising. Due to the hugely positive response, Lindsay decided to open her own practice, Simply Stretch, LA.

Lindsay is doing a whole lot of good in her community – helping people overcome physical plateaus, easing aches and pains and making people feel good. She’s enabling her clients to get back to doing the things they love.

Simply Stretch is a thriving and successful business, and one we’re very proud of.

If you’re looking for stretching tips, or some inspiration to keep mobile, check out her wonderful Instagram account.


MPC Hair – Sydney, AUS

Mario has a dedicated and precise approach to the running of his salon. For Mario, slow and steady wins the race.

It’s this unique approach which is making him, and his business, stand out from the rest.

MPC hair stands for his motto, More Personal Care. It references his experiences working at salons in Spain, where the level of service they were encouraged to provide was closer to personal care than the usual cut and colour.

“I know time is money, but I prefer spending more time delivering a more quality service. You cannot deliver good things in a short amount of time.”

mario mpc

Mario’s salon, MPC hair, is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Our team had a blast visiting Mario in his beautiful salon. MPC hair is modern, light and welcoming. Even the middle of winter when we visited Mario, we felt like we were somewhere tropical!

If you’re passing through Sydney, and want to be truly spoiled, book in for a cut or colour with the lovely Mario.

iDance – Echuca, AUS

If we had a Timely ‘Dance Addiction’ award, it would go to Jacqueline Kornmann, the owner at iDance in Echuca.

Jacqueline counts herself lucky. Her business has been fuelled solely by passion – and when you adore the arts like Jacqueline does, one can hardly call it “work”. Instead, Jacqueline sees i-Dance as a lifestyle.

Jacqueline began dancing at the age of two and has never stopped.

Creativity is in her blood – whether she’s on the dance floor or simply running her business. Owning her own business has allowed Jacqueline to tailor her own unique choreography and dance style, but it’s also allowed her to style her business.

“It’s so nice to be permitted to create any dance-work that you like, and then to ask others for their input allows them to also feel like they have that creative freedom. That is the best thing for me.”

?The angelic lovelies and me ….#sothankful

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Jacqueline’s dedication to her business, and to her students, is truly admirable. And we’re so pleased that Timely has allowed you to spend more time doing what you love.


Salon 53 – Auckland, NZ

Rachel and Jese opened their salon this year at Easter – and it’s been full speed ahead for the pair ever since. The perfect duo, Rachel takes charge of the salon, whilst Jese focusses on admin and the business runnings.

“You can’t actually replicate someone else’s work. We’re so creative, we all do something a little bit different.”

Like so many of our customers, Rachel and Jese run their business for the love it.


“If you are planning to get into business, definitely be passionate about what you want to do. If you do it because you love it, money will come.”

It’s inspiring watching new business owners like Rachel and Jese take on so many challenges and grow so quickly, and we can’t wait to see how far you go!


Urban Eden Beauty – Southampton, UK

From a young age, Kerry Herdman adored all things beauty. A natural people-person, who could “talk for England like her nan”, the beauty industry was the perfect fit for this ambitious young woman.

Kerry believes the relationship between therapist and client must be built on respect and trust. To create this bond, Kerry’s customers are at the centre of every decision she makes – something she hadn’t been witness to through her training.

“Good relationships in your salon is what makes the difference between providing a service, and a treatment.”

Urban Eden has now been running for 9 years and is a huge success. Kerry recently won a top spot in the Southern Region Small business of the year category at the Venus Women’s Awards in February.

If you’re looking to be pampered, and you’re in or around the Southampton area, go and visit Kerry and her brilliant team!


The common thread?

Our customers are all passionate about what they do, and the services they provide. For many of them, using Timely has meant they now have more hours in their day to do what they love – style hair, teach dance, or take care of others. Your passion for your service and the love that you have for business is so inspiring … and we couldn’t be prouder to call you our customers!

We know there are so many other customers with beautiful stories out there, and we would love to hear from you!