Here’s a quick update about the integration we’re doing with Vend.

Vend is a web-based retail point-of-sale system used by thousands of businesses around the world. It’s a natural fit for Timely and a seamless integration has been on our to-do list since day one.

In a nutshell, here is how the integration with Vend works:

  • Appointments are managed in Timely, point-of-sale payments and products are managed in Vend
  • Your appointment services are automatically synced to Vend as products
  • When the appointment is ready to be paid, you choose the appointment from the calendar, click “Take payment” and a sale is raised in Vend. We send through the service, amount and customer details
  • You can easily add additional products to the sale
  • Once the sale has been transacted the appointment is marked as paid
  • Banking is reconciled in Vend

We’re putting the finishing touches on the integration now and we estimate that it will be publicly available from mid-to-late September.

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Raising a sale for an appointment from the Timely calendar:


The sale ready to be transacted in Vend. Additional products can also be added at this stage:


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