On a quest to find a better work/life balance, Catherine Heppinstall opened The Mulberry House Beauty Salon. It began as a home-based and mobile beauty therapy business, but has become much more.

Customer of the Week: The Mulberry House Beauty Salon

We’re pleased to introduce Timely’s latest Customer of the Week!

Not wanting to give up on an industry she loved, or miss out on raising her children, business ownership was the answer to Catherine’s dilemma.

Working from home allowed her to be present with her kids, cut down childcare costs, and make a steady income to support her family.

However, 14 years on, Catherine was starting to feel like she’d outgrown her home salon. Settling into a permanent location was looking more and more attractive.

Although I had a beautiful room in my house devoted solely to beauty therapy, it wasn’t the most professional of venues, especially when you have children shouting at the Xbox in the next room!

She was ready for something bigger and better. Catherine purchased a property in August 2016 and invested significantly in turning a rundown, open-plan showroom into a premium luxury beauty salon.

The Mulberry House Beauty Salon is a convergence of Catherine’s years in the industry and the selection of the best working practices and cultures she’d experienced. It’s her ‘ultimate’ salon: one that puts clients at the heart of everything they do.

Before Timely, Catherine manually organised her bookings with a diary pencil (and a rubber eraser, of course).

Using a diary could be quite frustrating when I had to cancel and rearrange appointments. I think I even went through the paper on a couple of occasions!

Timely has given Catherine time focus on other areas of her business. That extra time is critical when starting a new business. Catherine spends this reclaimed admin time working on brand awareness, marketing, and going the extra mile to make every client feel like a VIP.

Although still in its infancy, the growth of Mulberry House has already exceeded expectations. With a team of four and a full calendar, the business is growing from strength to strength.

Catherine thrives off of happy clients, and finds that the most rewarding thing about owning a business is the wonderful feedback she and her staff receive.

She believes that the future success will be down to ensuring all her clients leave feeling fully pampered and relaxed by their fantastic team of therapists. Luckily, this seems to be something they’ve well and truly mastered.

If you’re living or bypassing the East Ardsley area, go and introduce yourself to the lovely team at Mulberry House. We’re pretty chuffed to call you a Timely customer, Catherine!