Today we’re launching a new logo that reflects the Timely of 2019. Much the same way that beauty, hair, barber, massage and health practitioners apply their skills in order to transform their clientele, we’re giving Timely a makeover.

No big deal, but we’ve got a new logo

Seven years ago in a Dunedin family home, three friends created Timely with the dream of building an appointment booking system that would change the game. Now with a team of 80, we’re helping folks around the world run and grow their businesses better than ever before.

There were a few problems with the old logo that we needed to address. The main issue was simply that Timely Guy (the little clock-faced man) doesn’t feel at home in the beautiful businesses we work with nowadays. For example, here’s Haylee Benton (left) and some of the crew from her three beauty businesses in the UK.

For inspiration we looked to our #1 company value: “customers are our sun”.  If that sounds a little cheesy, so be it. We’re completely serious about sunshine! Any success we have achieved has come by helping our customers, and it’s this focus that has carried us through seven years of hard graft. We wouldn’t be here without you.

We wanted to do a few things with the new logo:

  • Bake “customers are our sun” into the brand with a not-totally-literal sun symbol, one that captures the energy of the busy businesses we serve.
  • Create a unique logo with more personality, because we’re all about being real people, down-to-earth, and at the same time, totes profesh.
  • Enjoy stronger visual consistency with a symbol we can use across our apps, website, social, expos, print.

You can get a taste here.

From September 27 you’ll see the changes across Timely’s apps and websites

Look for the new icon on your phones and tablets, and your laptops and desktops also. We’re launching the new logo at Olympia Beauty in London on September 29.  Do swing by the booth and say hi.

We’re still the same Timely. We’re still the same people. We’re still on the same mission to do the best for our customers and help transform the industry. Nothing changes in that respect.

We genuinely thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy all the good stuff to come. See this recent blog around our Product Roadmap for details.

Oh hey, a real quick personal sign-off. A few months back I clocked up (pun intended) my 5th year with Timely as Creative Director. I am super proud of what we have achieved. We’ve done so much with so little, and it speaks to the outstanding qualities of the people that come in to work every day. It’s worth noting the degree of commitment — the team is truly something else. Now, onwards and upwards.