Natalie Anne has a created a unique business model, driving marketing so hard to the consumer that salons had to take notice. Not shy of hard work, Natalie Anne has created an esteemed salon, education system and hair-care line in the space of a few years. Here’s how she’s done it. 

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Bringing fashion to bridal hair

Born into a family of hairdressers, Natalie was surrounded by hairdressing and glamour throughout her childhood. Knowing early on that the industry excited her, Natalie launched into an apprenticeship at Toni and Guy, specialising in fashion hair — a tough industry to crack.

“Tear sheet after tear sheet, I was hustling to try and find an agent, and trying to survive on minimum wage.”

At a fashion shoot, Natalie met a makeup artist who’d been specialising in bridal. This artist encouraged her to give bridal hair a chance. After being immersed in the edgy world of fashion, Natalie felt bridal was too primitive — but she realised she could challenge this.

Fusing her knowledge of fashion with her ability to get things done quickly, Natalie created something unique. She offers everyday people classic hair, with a modern and fashionable edge.  

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Natalie Anne, the brand.

She’d identified a gap in the market. Natalie Anne, the brand, was born.

“It was time for glam hair in this country. We found a niche, and that was shiny, beautiful, healthy, glamorous hair.”

Natalie challenged the “hair for hairdressers” aesthetic. “We love it, but would you wear it?”

She wanted to create great hair that clients could wear, and achieve, at home. She wanted clients to not only have great hair when they step out the salon but to also teach them how to look after and refresh that look at home.

After one of her bridal looks went viral on Facebook, the enquiries started flooding in.

“It blew up on us.”

Within 4 months, Natalie had hired a full-time PA, plus her sister and cousin who were also hairdressers.

So it began.

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Keeping up with demand

Natalie took on a unique approach to advertising, driving marketing messages so hard to the consumers, that consumers themselves were asking for “the Natalie Anne look” at their local salons.

One of the most screenshotted and saved Instagram feeds in the hair space in Australia, stylists were then asking, who is this girl? And does she train?

“Salons had to take notice.”

Education enquires kept coming. Stylists from around Australia wanted to know how they too could create these looks. The team went from a 50sqm double garage to a 170 sqm shop. From four staff to thirteen within 18 months, Natalie is not afraid of hard work.

“It’s the grind. We’ve always been a company that works hard.”

Natalie attributes the family-driven nature of the business as the way they’ve been able to keep up with such demand.

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

“Growing the business through family made it easier. We put in the hours and we did it together. We were family, and we all worked together as a team.”

Now a large company, this family-driven culture is cemented in their brand values. Staff know how to work as a team, and once people understand this and know how they gel, they can do things quickly and more effectively.

Natalie has built a hugely successful education programme, teaching stylists and hairdressers how to achieve her 12 signature looks, using her special Natalie Anne products to achieve best results.  

“We’re developing and innovating the glam aesthetic of our industry.”

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Natalie Anne’s breakthrough approach to social media and growth

A huge part of the success of the company has been their unique approach to social media marketing. Social media is one of their major sales weapons, and the team work hard to make sure their online presence reflects their in-store brand and ethos.

Because every comment, like or follower is a potential lead (or potential client), Natalie’s team work hard to communicate carefully. 

“It’s like sales, the more doors you knock on, the more sales you will convert. You need to monitor, monetize, and talk to your audience in the way you would in store.”

Many business owners allow social media companies to run their social pages, and Natalie believes this is where salons are going wrong. “Don’t just post because you think you should. Find out WHO your customers really are and speak to them. Only you truly understand your culture, so it’s important that you’re the voice behind these pages.”

The stylist’s Instagram pages are ultimately managed in-house and are the intellectual property of the brand. Owning her own social media, and being the creator of this content in-house, has given Natalie Anne an immense advantage.

This technique is something Natalie is now teaching other salons.

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Keep your eyes on the future

Natalie is hugely ambitious, but she doesn’t forget where she’s come from.

Like Natalie Anne, Toni and Guy is a family-owned company. Toni and Guy inspires Natalie to know that you can!

“It’s beautiful to see that at the end of the day the key is hard work.”

Natalie loves that she’s been able to take her family with her on this journey and that this has been key to her success.

Natalie Anne Hair — The Growth Cycle

Natalie is looking to take her education business international, narrowing in on the US and the Middle East markets.

As for her haircare range, she’s looking at growing her national sales. NA Haircare only launched in June this year, and they already have 200 stockists. Demand is only growing for Natalie’s products and services.  

“I won’t stop until I reach all of my goals.”