This blog by Tyler Colton is an excerpt from the Salon Trends 2017 ebook.

Nanotechnology and the future of salons

Nanotechnologies are well-known in the beauty and hair industries, but they’re not done changing things up.

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of molecules at a supramolecular (really, really tiny) scale. It’s currently used to enhance cosmetics and hair care. But nanotechnology is a continually evolving field, which means salon professionals need to be aware of what’s available now – and what will be soon.

As many of us know, nanotechnologies have brought some radical colors into the hair color rainbow, such as pastels and greys.

Peacock ombre hair is on the rise as developments in nanotechnology in salons make it safer and easier to create.

ME+, a recent development in hair dye molecules, has offered breakthrough advancements in hair dye technology, delivering vibrant colors whilst reducing the risk of developing allergies. Future nanotechnologies are looking to change the way we color hair, and what colors we’re seeing.

However, nanotechnologies are not stopping there – and that’s what we need to be aware of.

A recent development (and one that may be more readily available in years to come) is the ability to flat iron color into hair. Scientists are looking at how to manipulate light to create bright colors without using traditional dyeing materials. This would also address environmental issues that go hand in hand with most dyeing solutions.

Scientists in these fields are also developing substances that stimulate melanin production in hair, effectively making grey hairs a thing of the past.

We know the benefits of nanotechnologies, but we are still somewhat unsure of long term cons, if any. There is a risk that these nano-cells could damage collagen; despite the rigorous testing, we as salon professionals still need to be aware and educated.

As with any new technology, it is our responsibility to make informed decisions about what we will let into our salons and onto our clients.

Plus, the more on top of developing tech you are, the sooner you’ll get to play with the amazing new products that are quickly heading our way!

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