The Timely Team is honoured to announce that MK, one of the UK's leading barbering stylists, has become a Timely ambassador and will be spreading the word about Timely throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

MK has become a Timely ambassador

MK’s multiple awards and 20+ years of experience has made him well known in the hairdressing industry, and we’re excited to be working with him to help other salon owners get more out of their day by getting started with Timely.

MK H.S.A is an internationally renowned male salon that specialises in barbering, and upskilling hairdressers in barbering, European and Afro hair. MK takes his knowledge of hair around the world with him as he travels the globe teaching his course. When he’s not educating hairdressers or working at his salon, MK joins the HABIA Skills Academy team to develop industry skills and fill identified skills gaps.

MK began using Timely at MK H.S.A. several months ago, and he enjoyed using the software so much that he wanted to help others get to know Timely too.

“This system has me surprised every week with all the info I can get from it,” he told us. “It’s just as if I have an accountant / marketing person at reception to talk to.

“The thing I have found most useful is the quick booking; a few clicks and they are IN and emailed. That saves time throughout my mad tightly scheduled day.”

MK says that his clients love the automatic reminders they get a day prior telling them everything, and it makes a great impression on new clients.

“It’s the best investment I’ve made in 10 years,” says MK.

We’re delighted that a leader in the hairdressing industry such as MK has endorsed Timely, and we’re looking forward to seeing him spread the good word wherever he goes.

You can connect with MK on Twitter, or visit his website here.