From a very young age, Kerry was passionate about all things beauty. A natural communicator, who could “talk for England like her nan,” the beauty industry seemed like the perfect fit for an ambitious 16-year-old.

Customer of the Week: Urban Eden Beauty

As it turns out, she was right.

After her studies, Kerry began working for a local beauty salon and very quickly worked her way up to manageress. Kerry’s hard work and determination saw her gain promotion after promotion, and she knew she was onto something she loved.

Although she was loving her work, she sensed there was something missing in the industry. Kerry wanted to see a different approach, where clients were seen as people, rather than numbers.

Becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of customer service she was witnessing, she took it upon herself to make a change.

This is when Urban Eden was born.

Kerry thinks of Urban Eden as her first-born child — it needs her, and she needs it! It’s this commitment and love for her work, and her business, that’s at the core of her success.

I will never grow tired of my business and take great satisfaction in watching it grow and flourish every day.

There’s clearly something to Kerry’s methods; this year she was a finalist in the Venus Women’s Awards in February. This was a huge achievement, and one Kerry has worked so hard for.

Kerry believes the bond between therapist and client needs to be one built on respect and trust. To create this relationship, Kerry’s customers are at the centre of every decision she makes — something she hadn’t been seeing in her circles.

Good relationships in your salon is the difference between providing a service, and a treatment.

Urban Eden Spa needs Timely to spend more time with clients

This dedication to building client relationships requires a lot of focused time and energy. Timely allows Kerry to schedule, cancel and amend treatments on the move, whether she’s at swimming lessons, grocery shopping or out walking the family dog.

For Kerry, Timely is much more than just the booking service; she relies too on reports to review business and staff performance.

Timely is the business manager that I don’t have.

Kerry is always learning and growing, which is part of the success of her business. Her beauty credentials are endless, from courses and diplomas in Beauty, hairdressing, spa therapy, tanning, waxing, lash and nail care — the works!

If you’re in the Southampton area, you should certainly head to Urban Eden for a relaxing treatment with Kerry and her wonderful team.