Sarah Hamilton and Aaron Brewer opened their barbershop in 2016, with the aim to offer high-end cuts in a friendly, laid-back environment. The Unruly isn’t just a business, it’s a lifestyle brand: one that depends on the community its built around as much as the people who work there. 

Customer of the Week: The Unruly

At The Unruly, a haircut is only the half of it. Sarah and Aaron have built a business driven by confidence in their vision and skills. The couple believe it’s vital to be authentic in business and to allow your true personality, identity, and life experiences show in the day-to-day running of your business.

As shameless promoters of the #timelylife, this is definitely something we can get behind here at Timely. You spend a huge portion of your life at work – why wouldn’t you want to bring your full self to your workday?

This authenticity is how they’ve come to create such a bold brand and business. Not only is their business authentic, but they encourage their clients to be.

Sarah and Aaron don’t really think of The Unruly as a business. Instead, their work is an art form and an expression.

We aren’t typical business types — more artists in our own ways. We’ve always wanted to do things differently to the usual way. This business is our expression of that.

They admit that starting a business can be scary. Like many, Sarah and Aaron took a financial risk to get The Unruly off the ground. But without the risks, it’s unlikely they would have been able to enjoy the successes. “Security is an illusion, nothing in our world is really safe. So we just figured why limit ourselves for fear of losing it all… better to have tried!”

It’s been a steep learning curve for the pair, and they admit they might still be on that curve! However, to know they’ve built their business from nothing validates the journey.

“What makes it worth it is that it’s our own. We have the freedom to create. Although we don’t always have the freedom to have a day off!”

Timely has given Sarah and Aaron an edge over other barbers in the Newbury area, as most other barbershops only cater to walk-ins. Timely helps the business maintain its relaxed vibe, which is integral to the client experience. Appointments give clients the freedom to book ahead, knowing they’ll be looked after the second they step in the front door. No more waiting around in line.

Customer of the week: The Unruly UK

Sarah and Aaron love that they don’t have a phone in the store. They can focus purely on their clients, without interruptions to take bookings. Rather, they encourage all clients to book online.

Timely helps us to provide a better service. It’s a great example of how tech can serve us and change the way we do things.

Like many of the most successful businesses we see at Timely, The Unruly was born out of passion. Passion for the craft, and passion for life.

And this passion speaks true to their clients.

A barber often does so much more than just cut hair. A good barbershop seems to be a place where guys feel comfortable expressing themselves like nowhere else.

The vibe of their barbershop has been such a hit that they’re starting to expand it into a lifestyle brand. The pair is about to launch ‘The Unruly Life’, a platform to document how people create and carve their own paths through life. The first story is from the perspective of one of their best friends who has sold his house and quit his job to travel around the United States in a camper van.

We can’t wait to follow along, with bated breath and probably a bit of envy!

The Unruly are leaving footprints wherever they go and attracting a community of like-minded clients and friends as their business develops. Timely is thrilled to be a part of your journey, Aaron and Sarah, and we love seeing The Unruly gather steam, and followers.