We’re delighted to share with you our first ever Customer of the Week, Matt Mckay. Matt is a personal trainer based in Dunedin, New Zealand and is the first in our series celebrating customer success.

Customer of the Week: Matt McKay

Attracted to the thrill of being his own boss, Matt took to the world of entrepreneurship very naturally.

“I’ve always wanted to be in control of my own future. I’ve never really liked working for someone else and I love the stress that comes with owning a business. Weird, right?”

Definitely not weird! We think most Timely customers are secretly (or not so secretly) addicted to the adrenalin rush that comes with being a business owner.

Matt is one of the lucky ones – he found his passion at a very young age, and got stuck in with everything he had.

Seizing the chance

Matt was instructing at a local gym called ABSolute Fitness when a PT position became available at the gym. He felt he’d uncloaked the perfect opportunity – something he truly knew he could excel at.

This journey wasn’t going to be an easy ride, however. Matt was starting a business alongside full time study – an impressive feat for a first time entrepreneur.

This is when we were lucky enough to first cross paths with Matt.

Matt signed up to Timely so we could take some of the work off his hands. Online booking allows his clients to schedule themselves into his available slots, without the hassle of phone tag or long texting strings. The booking and rescheduling system allows Matt’s clients to book in as they wish, without having to await a reply or confirmation from him.

The email and SMS reminders keeps Matt’s no-shows down, meaning he doesn’t face wasted time when people forget their sessions.

“Timely took so much pressure off me and meant I could focus on my exams and study and not have to spend time trying to slot clients in. I save time, and money, with Timely.”

For Matt, it’s the people who drive him more than the money; his mission is to make a difference in his clients’ lives. One of his current clients has lost 13kgs through his assistance, and gained so much more.

“If I can save a person’s life by making them healthier, I am the richest man on earth.”

A rising star

Although he now has a solid client base and a comfortable income to boot, he is not stopping there. When he’s not with clients, Matt’s working on his business, strengthening his brand and planning for future growth.

We’re super proud of all of the achievements Matt has made throughout his business journey to date. He was recently awarded the title of Up-and-Coming Personal Trainer of the Year by the New Zealand Register of Fitness Professionals and we think he certainly deserves the title.

We’re rooting for you, Matt! Can’t wait to see what your next award is.

If you need some motivation, follow Matt on Instagram or Facebook.