STUDIO SASHIKO isn’t your generic cosmetic tattooing parlour. Inspired by the decorative embroidery styles that adorn traditional indigo dyed fabrics in Japan, their mission is to provide a high quality and unique experience for their clients. Meet our latest Customer of the Week, STUDIO SASHIKO.

Customer of the Week: Studio Sashiko

STUDIO SASHIKO is a new concept studio located in British Columbia, Canada. Founded by Kyle Otsuji and Shaughnessy Keely, their service list includes microblading, scalp micropigmentation, areola restorative tattooing, and tattooed freckles — but all services have a unique twist.

Sashiko is a Japanese style of needlework, literally meaning “little stabs”. It’s a simple yet elegant embroidery style that creates repeating patterns of varying complexity — just like the art of microblading. The team embrace the Japanese art of tebori, which is the technique of tattooing by hand.

“We take pride in the meticulous and detailed process of tattooing realistic hair strokes one by one to create the illusion of fullness.”

The business doesn’t take on the generic, austere look of other cosmetic tattoo parlours. Instead, it echoes a Japanese art studio, boasting a fine selection of carefully curated Japanese housewares, accessories, and gifts, as well as locally designed and created apothecary and beauty products.

Shaughnessy and Kyle have always had an entrepreneurial fire in their bellies, firstly owning their own clothing brand while simultaneously juggling full-time work.

Customer of the Week: Studio Sashiko

When Shaughnessy started practising microblading, her client list expanded rapidly. After a year of working out of various tattoo studios, they decided to take the plunge and open their own studio.

“We have always been attracted to being our own boss and having our own space, things just kind of fell into place!”

In two short years, Studio Sashiko has grown to a team of 10, with full books and a wide array of microblading services on offer.

It’s all about quality

Nothing else matters when you’re tattooing people’s bodies. The team at STUDIO SASHIKO ensure they’re doing their best work, everyday.

“We sometimes have to remind ourselves that although this is a normal day for us this could be very life changing experience for the client.”

With the microblading industry is growing so fast, people need to ensure they’re doing their research before having microblading services done by anyone. A skilled art form, technicians must be specialists before practising. Every artist has their own style which isn’t always suited to a client.

“Lots of people come to us every day who want us to fix their existing micro bladed brows that were done elsewhere. Not everyone has the skills to do this well.”

Customer of the Week: Studio Sashiko

Instagram is essentially an online portfolio for many businesses, but especially those in the beauty industry. It’s a vital platform for STUDIO SASHIKO and has become one of their most integral marketing tools. With a strong and fleshed-out portfolio at potential client’s fingertips, people will be much more attracted to seek your services if they can visually see your past successes.

Not shy of hard work, the pair stress that they’ve had to work 10x harder as business owners compared to when they were working for others.

“You do not realize how much work goes into opening a store until you’re thrown into it, but it’s so rewarding.”

Despite this, business ownership has given Kyle and Shaughnessy flexibility to live life their own way. Whether this means travelling the world or simply decorating the studio, it all happens on their own terms.

Not afraid to do things differently, STUDIO SASHIKO brings artistry to cosmetology and it’s this expressive and poetic way of doing business that has helped them grow so rapidly.